15 Best Home Remedies for Gout – Natural Treatment For Gout

home remedies for gout

When you think of a gout remedy, you instantly think of a medication such as Allopurinol (decrease production of uric acid) or Colchicine (decreases joint inflammation). There is a second side of the story. There are home remedies for gout which are even more effective and come without side effects. Just to clarify, Colchicine and Allopurinol both have a side effect!

Home remedies are something you can make or do at home and prevent a gout attack. There are many of them and each one is effective in its own way. But, for the best results, it is advised to use more than one or all, if possible.

Home remedies for gout

1. Apple cider vinegar

For me, this is the best holistic treatment for gout and the one that helped me the most. Basically, apple cider vinegar is the most effective home remedy for gout, period. There are several ways you can use it. For example, you can drink 2 tablespoons of it diluted in 8 ounces of water. You can also soak the feet in a mixture of warm water and 4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. I must add that it is important to use organic and pure apple cider vinegar. It is more effective than most of you realize at this moment.

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apple cider vinegar

2. Water

The simplest, the most effective, and the most popular of all home remedies for gout is to drink water, a lot of it. This remedy will boost the work of your kidneys and eliminate excess fluid. In other words, you will notice a decrease in swelling. Yes, you can consume other fluids, but water is the cheapest and works the best. Sodas and alcoholic beverages must be avoided completely.

glass of water

Adding lemon to the water is even more effective. Squeeze a couple of lemons in 2 liters of water and drink it the entire day. Now you get 2 benefits. The first one is mentioned earlier when you drink pure water and the second is a decrease of uric acid thanks to lemon juice.

Remember that people who suffer from kidney disease or heart failure should consult their doctor before using the remedy!

3. Cherries (1 cup per day)

Almost all cherries contain anthocyanins which are compounds known to decrease uric acid. Pair cherries with allopurinol and the risk of a gout attack will be decreased by an impressive 75%. Although all cherries contain anthocyanins, those darker in color contain more. To get the best results, consume at least one cup per day. This is commonly known as the best gout treatment at home and the most delicious. Drinking cherry juice has the same perks.

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4. Foods that are rich in magnesium

Foods that contain plenty of magnesium are an important part of a diet for all gout patients. Some examples of such foods are seeds, nuts, low-fat dairy products, and greens. An adult man needs 400 mg of magnesium per day. You can get the same result by consuming magnesium supplements if you like an easy way.


Magnesium decreases uric acid. When the magnesium level is low, inflammation in the body will get worse. Sadly, there are no detailed studies that will confirm the theory, but there are a lot of people who use this remedy and claim it works well and the long term.

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5. Lemon juice

I like this juice and I consume it daily. You should do it as well. There are two reasons for that. First one is the fact lemon juice will decrease the uric acids in the blood and make your body more alkalized. The second reason is a high level of vitamin C in lemons. It also prevents gout flares and makes the symptoms easier to bear. Squeeze half a lemon in a glass of water and drink it. I on the other side of lemon juice with added baking soda. It is a powerful mixture that helps me defeat gout.

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lemon juice

6. Ginger root

This is another alternative treatment for gout that helped me a big time. I use it as a tea. All you have to do is to chop a ginger root and mix it with water. Cook it for 20 minutes and you have tea. Also, you can mix the water and ginger and apply to the affected area of your body. In addition, turmeric is a decent alternative as well. Personally, I prefer ginger root, but some of you will have better results with turmeric.

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7. Try to decrease stress

A life without stress is impossible these days. There is no single method to avoid it unless you live in the wild. A natural treatment for gout can be to use methods that decrease stress. The best examples are exercising, yoga, meditation, reading, and anything that makes you happy.


But why stress affects gout? Stress decreases the production of pantothenic acid. When this acid is low, the uric acid level will be high and we all know what that means! Try to find a way to decrease stress at all cost.

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8. Drink more coffee

People who drink more coffee are at a much lower risk of getting a gout attack. Those who consume 4-5 cups per day will decrease the risk from gout attack by almost 50%. Coffee decreases uric acid and you can see why it is so desirable. Add the fact you probably like coffee and you may have found one of the best and the most effective natural remedies for gout. Try to remember that even a single cup of coffee will help you!

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cup of coffee

9. Celery and the seeds

Celery and the seeds are a powerful home remedy for gout. However, seeds are a bit more effective and more popular remedy. They contain luteolin, beta-selinene and 3nB (3-n-butylphthalide). The most important of the three is the luteolin. It decreases nitric oxide which is a by-product of uric acid production. In high dosages, nitric oxide can cause inflammation. Celery seeds simply decrease it and can also decrease the level of uric acid. 3-n-butylphthalide reduces inflammation while beta-selinene offers anti-inflammatory and also antioxidant properties. In a nutshell, this is a powerful remedy that reacts in three different ways to make life quality better in gout patients.

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10. Dandelion

Dandelion works as a gout remedy but there is no a lot of scientific data to prove and explain why this is effective. It is believed that dandelion boosts kidney and liver health. This basically means that your body will be more effective in eliminating fluids, including uric acid. There are supplements, extracts, and teas you can consume. All three work well so you can pick the one that matches your goals the best.

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11. Hot and cold application

One of the simple home remedies for gout is the oldest and something you probably have been using for years. You will want to try applying hot or cold towels to the affected joint. Keep the towel or ice for 10-15 minutes and you should notice improvement. Ice works better for most patients while a hot towel works for some. Elevate your joint to force blood return to the heart which decreases inflammation even faster.

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12. Vitamin C

As I have already mentioned a couple of times, vitamin C is great for treating gout. It is known and it has been proved in countless studies that it decreases uric acid levels and helps make you feel better by eliminating gout symptoms. This should be the second main treatment to use. You can add it to your diet by consuming fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin B. It is important to add that this vitamin is important for countless, other benefits so it is something we all need. Of course, using the treatment is so simple that I won’t even try to explain. If your diet is somehow free of vitamin B, there are supplements that can help you get the recommended dose per a day. Use them and you will notice an improvement.

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vitamin c

13. Using Epsom salt while taking a bath

Epsom salt has been used as an alternative medicine for decades. It is mandatory to remember that you must not drink or consume epsom salt in any form. The only way to use it is to add 1-2 cups to warm water while taking a bath. Apparently, it will be absorbed by the skin and directly affect the inflammation thanks to high levels of magnesium. If you consume plenty of foods rich in magnesium, there is no need to use both of these remedies. But, if you want soft skin, you may want to try epsom salt.

epsom salt

14. Rest is mandatory

Rest is also essential when learning how to treat gout in your feet or other parts of your body. Unlike other similar affections, gout could do with some rest. You may have to take a day or two off work, only to spend time at home in bed. Besides, based on how intense the pain could be, you may not necessarily want to move anyway.

To help against pain. You can also raise the affected joint above the rest of the body. For example, you can get a pillow or a blanket. Make sure you rest it on a soft object and not a hard armrest. In more difficult situations, you may need more than just a couple of days – up to a whole week of relaxation and rest.

15. Nettle tea

You will inevitably run into nettle too when trying to figure out how to treat gout at home because it is a common traditional option. The herbal remedy will work against inflammation, but also against the painful sensations associated with gout. To make your own tea, simply boil some water, add a couple of teaspoons of dried nettle per cup and have a few cups a day.

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Apart from the above-mentioned options, there are other natural remedies you can bring in to keep gout under control:

These home remedies for gout have been tried and used by 90% of gout sufferers. They truly work and they are easy, simple, and safe. For the best results, use all of them or try to find 4-5 that are the most effective. Every person is different so you will need to find your ideal set of home remedies.

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