Bananas And Gout – Are Bananas Good For Gout?

bananas and gout

Bananas and gout should be mixed together due to a simple reason. They can help us, gout sufferers in so many ways and they are definitely something that has to be implemented into your diet. Here, I will explain all the facts you should know and why bananas should be the main addition to your diet.

Are bananas good for gout?

Bananas are great for all of us who suffer from gout. The main reason is the ingredients or nutrients bananas have. First of all, they are rich in potassium, vitamin B, folic acid, magnesium and etc. So why this is important for us? Well, a combination of these nutrients has a positive effect on blood pressure, by lowering it, on the overall health and on the uric acid.

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The last benefit is the most important for us. Bananas are known to decrease the levels of uric acid, therefore they will literally decrease the risk of a gout attack. That’s why they are an essential part of a diet and they should be taken into account for all of us, gout sufferers.

In order to understand how beneficial bananas are, you will have to know that a single banana has 105 calories, 1 mg of sodium and 400 mg of potassium. Combined, they are great for reducing the uric acid in the human body.

How bananas reduce uric acid?

In the simplest way, bananas will decrease the uric acid by converting it into a liquid form. Then, it can be removed from the body with the help of the urinary tract. Basically, it will be removed through urine.

The two main ingredients which are known to decrease uric acid are a folic acid which is present in bananas around 24 mg and vitamin C which is present around 10 mg. Each ingredient will decrease the levels of the uric acid and prevent crystal forming which have the main role in causing a gout attack and making all the symptoms worse than usual.

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Add bananas to your diet today

As you can see, bananas are essential for all of us, gout sufferers. They should be added to the diet as soon as possible, starting from today. The best way to use them is to eat them when fully ripened. According to a research, these bananas are rich in antioxidants and they are the best to consume. Of course, they are the most delicious as well. Keep in mind that one banana per a day will be sufficient to help you with gout, but it must be paired with fruit, vegetables and whole grains as well.

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I personally like eating bananas with peanut butter in a whole-grain bread sandwich (recipe). Combined, this sandwich is the most beneficial and the most delicious way to consume a banana. The actual list of benefits is more than just long and it is significant due to the fact you will decrease the level of the uric acid significantly and you will be safer of gout attacks.

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bread with peanut butter and banana


Not only that bananas and gout should be linked together, but they absolutely must be paired in order to help you in a fight against gout. There are so many ways why you should consume bananas daily and now you probably know most of them. It is important to add that there are no side effects on daily bananas consummation. In essence, bananas reduce the level of uric acid, and we all know that the lower the levels, the better the quality of us, gout sufferers will be. So, start eating bananas today.

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