Lemon Juice and Gout – Is Lemon Juice Good for Gout?

lemon juice and gout

There have been a lot of speculations regarding lemon juice and gout. Some say that it is rich in acid, so it should be avoided, but this simply isn’t true! As a matter of fact, lemon comes from citrus family, so it is rich in vitamin C and plenty other ingredients. In a nutshell, you should use lemon juice to prevent gout attacks. In addition, I personally know that lemons have been used for treating headaches, dizziness, anemia and etc.

Lemon juice for gout

We all know that the main cause for gout attacks is the uric acids which form crystals in the joints. Well, lemons affect the uric acids, due to the fact they contain citric acid. This type of acid will decrease the levels of the uric acid and literally protect you from gout attacks. Furthermore, the acid is great for the liver and it also prevents forming kidney stones. Believe me, you definitely want to avoid them, simply because they will cause a lot of pain and plenty of issues you don’t want in your life.

The situation known as a gout attack occurs in the most cases when the pH level of your body is <7. The condition is known as acidosis and it is a severe condition which is mainly responsible for gout. Lemon juice, when consumed properly, will create or increase the ingredients known as calcium carbonate. They will literally reduce the levels of uric acids and they will protect you from the gout attacks. As I have mentioned earlier, they will also eliminate the risk of forming kidney stones, which are problematic.

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All you have to do is to squeeze lemon in a glass of water and drink it after a meal. Here is no such possibility to do something wrong. Regardless of the fact how much of lemon juice you consume, there are no side effects and you can feel only better. It isn’t wondering why in so many restaurants you get a lemon juice glass in the summer. It will cool down your body, refresh you and literally make you feel better.

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Is lemon juice good for gout?

If you have read the section I just explained you already know the answer for this question. I would personally recommend to all people who have high uric acid levels to consume as much of lemon juice as possible, probably daily, in order to get the best results. Keep in mind that a single glass can decrease uric acid by a low percentage, therefore you need to consume more of this beverage. In addition, you can also feel much better and you will get more energy.

Try to be creative and to make similar beverages which are even more delicious, but contain lemon juice. The possibilities are literally endless. There are so many guidelines on the web, so you can always choose the one you prefer the most. In general, the lemon juice is the main ingredient. Everything else is just an addition used to make that beverage suits your needs better.

How to take lemon juice?

I said that squeezing lemons in a glass of water is more than a just beneficial beverage, but there are several other things you should know. The first one is to consume a glass of this drink early in the morning, before having breakfast, so on empty stomach. It will simply protect your stomach and your body from potential foods which may be rich in purines. But, there is something more you can do.

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Lemon juice and baking soda for gout are even better. All you have to do is to squeeze one or two lemons in a glass of water and add ½ tablespoon of baking soda. This mixture has a pH of 7, so it neutralizes the acidity of your body (in simple words). I have been using this beverage for months, and I must say that the results are more than just positive. Now, I must add that the taste is similar to the water, so it isn’t awful or unbearable. Eventually, you will get used to it.

The second thing you must know is that using careful measurements is more than just important. Even if you add 2 tablespoons of baking soda, you won’t make the recipe more effective. As a matter of fact, you can make it even worse and cause additional issues. So, follow my instructions and use the measurements I have mentioned. It is one of the most beneficial beverages I have ever tried regarding gout.

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baking soda and lemons

One lemon daily?

100 grams of lemons will contain around 138 mg of potassium. It is more than just important, due to the fact you need as much potassium as you can get in your diet. So, using lemons daily is more than just important if you are a gout sufferer, like me. The next thing to know is that lime can be used as well. I personally prefer lemons, but if you like limes, they can be used as well. Of course, they have slightly lower efficiency level, but they are still useful.

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Don’t forget that you can add lemon juice to literally anything. I use it for green tea, for foods and for all types of beverages. The key thing to know here is that you need lemon juice in your body. If you can, you should eat them instead of apples.

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Lemon juice and gout are two things that should be mixed together all the time. I consume lemons daily, so should you. The actual list of benefits is so long that I cannot explain it here. There are no drawbacks here, only good stuff. Try to remember that lemon juice will decrease uric acid levels in your body, something you definitely want. You can use it on any possible way you imagine. You can eat lemons (a bit impossible), drink juice (made from fresh lemons only), add them to your meals or any other way.

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