Marijuana and Gout – Is Cannabis Good for Gout?

marijuana and gout

I have been searching for gout remedies all over the globe. I tested and checked various actions, foods, herbs, and all the rest on myself. It is obvious. I suffer from gout. But, I also tested and I will test rare and not so obvious remedies.

Honestly, if possible I would travel the galaxy to find the ultimate remedy or even better, the cure! I don’t like gout and I believe you share the same opinion.

One link I was able to discover was between marijuana and gout. Must say, I wasn’t surprised but I had to investigate the link in depth. Yes, these two are connected, and there is a chance for potential benefit.

Is marijuana good or bad for you?

As always, I cannot give you a single answer that will satisfy your interest here. Marijuana has been used by people for over 3000 years to treat various issues, symptoms, and conditions. It was banned in most states and most countries, but this is changing as we speak.

In essence, marijuana can be used to treat chronic pain. There was plenty of research across the globe and all of them found the same thing. It can be used and it is beneficial in this case scenario.

Marijuana has been linked to positive results when treating depression. It is actually one of the main advantages and main reasons why it is widely used.

In 2018, the FDA approved using a medication that contains CBD for treating a particular type of epilepsy called Dravet and Lennox-Gastaut syndromes. Keep in mind that they were referring to medicinal marijuana, and it won’t get you high. CBD doesn’t contain psychoactive properties, only THC does.

Marijuana can also help you ease the side effects of chemotherapy. Patients have experienced an improvement in managing nausea and vomiting after treatment. Cannabis, in general, can help you with multiple sclerosis and many other issues.

Some risk is present and it is linked to testicular cancer, chronic cough, and also the development of the bipolar disorder. However, the risk for all of these conditions is very low, and there is no single, major link discovered. What about marijuana and gout?

cbd oil

Marijuana and gout – The link and the effect

Yes, marijuana and gout are linked together and there is a possible remedy hidden in all of this. If you recall, I have mentioned that marijuana can help you with chronic pain!

The best explanation came in the form of a 2015 study conducted by the European Journal of Pain where they tested CBD with gout in rats. They were treated with CBD patches and the results were monitored. Scientists discovered that between 0.6 and 6.2 mg of CBD daily can decrease pain, inflammatory cell count, and also swelling.

The scientist also tested CBD for gout pain specifically. In simple words, CBD will decrease the pain by affecting the sensory neurons via cytokine (pro-inflammatory). This was done in another study.

Here you go. Marijuana and gout are connected and there are clear benefits present.

Should you use marijuana to treat gout?

The first thing you need to know is that marijuana won’t help you cure gout. But, you can use it to treat pain and decrease the intensity. There are no major side effects of this issue and there are no complications.

The main ingredient you will need is CBD. Luckily there are patches and products that contain this ingredient only without any other chemicals or compounds. I personally believe that using only CBD is a much better alternative.

In a nutshell, trying marijuana to see will it help you with a gout attack is highly recommended and I believe that all of you should try it at some point. Try to remember that in most states in the United States, medicinal marijuana is legal, but not in all!

Anyway, you can try and see will you get some benefits. If you do, you may have found a new, powerful remedy for gout. If not, you can stop. Take my advice and try the same thing with CBD. It will help you.

I hope now you know all the links and connections between marijuana and gout and I believe many of you will try it and see the effects. I approve this action.

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