9 Best Supplements for Gout – All You Need to Know

gout supplements

High uric acid is one of the common issues of several men and women. It can result in different medical conditions, including gout. When the uric acid begins to create crystals, they accumulate in joints, and ultimately, you have gout. You can try out gout supplements to treat your condition.

Patients with gout complain about severe pain in their joints, particularly in big toes. Due to this condition, they cannot move and walk properly. Thus, to make your life better and free from gout pain, you have to look for treatments.

It is good to take on medications to cure gout. However, to accelerate the natural cure, you can start taking some supplements. As a gout patient, you may need to maintain some diet restrictions. You must not consume foods containing a high amount of purines. For instance, organ meats, including seafood, liver, legumes, sugar-rich beverages, and honey, are not good for you.

Thus, you can buy some gout-friendly supplements to maintain your health and prevent the condition from getting worse.

The best supplements for gout are capable of fighting against inflammation, reducing the uric acid level, and strengthening your immunity. You can keep away from potential symptoms of gout.

Best supplements for gout

1. Vitamin C supplements

Vitamin C is highly effective in building, restoring, and maintaining your tissues. This vitamin works as an antioxidant and enables your body to protect itself from harmful free radicals. But, it is useful only for preventing gout. Vitamin C may not work for those who have already noticed the symptoms of gout.

Researchers have conducted a study on men who have no history of gout. They have noticed a connection between the intake of vitamin C and the risk of gout. Moreover, they have found that a higher dosage of vitamin C is more beneficial to individuals. They think that a moderate amount of vitamin C intake is not much effective. For instance, a daily intake of 500 mg of vitamin C is not potential to minimize the urate level.

There are several reasons for trying out vitamin C to prevent gout. Vitamin C is safe for everyone, and it is easy to avail as a supplement. You may purchase supplements at different groceries and drugstores. Furthermore, you can eat fruits rich in vitamin C.

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vitamin c

2. Enriched milk

Drinking enriched skim milk every day and reduce the risk of gout flare-ups.

Enriched skim milkshake contains powdered milk with some other dairy ingredients. You can alleviate your painful symptoms from gout by drinking this milk. However, you may also include dairy products in your diet. Patients who have been diagnosed with gout must have these diary products.

Gout causes sudden burning pain, swelling in joints, and stiffness. It occurs due to the high amount of uric acid in your body. In normal conditions, kidneys remove uric acid through urine.

However, while your body turns out a high level of uric acid and kidneys do not function properly, you may have gout.

The skim milk powder contains milk fat extract and glycomacropeptide. Some consumers also like to consume lactose powder with water. They drink vanilla-flavored shake daily to prevent gout.

Most of these consumers have found a reduction of gout attacks within 3 months. Especially, enriched skim milk has a considerable effect on gout problems. The tender joint will get back the normal condition.

Thus, you can drink this milk and prevent gout problems.

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3. Fish oil supplements for gout

Fish oil derived from fish contains omega-3 fatty acids. Your body has to rely on omega-3 fatty acids for proper functioning-

  • Alpha-linoleic acid
  • Docosahexaenoic acid
  • Eicosapentaenoic acid

The best fish oil has DHA and EPA. Fatty acids are essential to maintain the function of your brain and immune system.

Most importantly, there must be a proper ratio of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. Unsaturated fat has the potential to prevent inflammation problems in your body. However, do not take a high amount of fatty acids. Consumption of fish oil helps in fighting against inflammation. That is why you can decrease the swelling, pain, redness, and potential joint damage caused by gout.

The meat of the fish contains purines. However, the molecularly distilled fish oil (thoroughly purified) does not have a high amount of purines. You can safely purchase pharmaceutical-grade fish oil supplements. Make sure that the supplement is molecularly distilled. But, it may not be safe for those having bleeding disorders.

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4. Guava leaves

Guava leaves have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Some consumers try out guava leaves to make their immunity and digestive system stronger. These leaves also have anti-gout properties, and thus, you can include them in your routine.

5. Ginger

Ginger has strong anti-inflammatory properties. Red ginger can relieve your pain from gout and other issues. However, more research work is essential to know the effectiveness of ginger for gout treatment. (more here)

ginger and gout

6. Bromelain

It is present in the pineapple plant and has anti-inflammatory properties. It is highly useful for treating sinusitis, arthritis, and other inflammation. (more here)

7. Turmeric

This yellow-colored spice is essential to preparing different foods. However, turmeric supplements are also effective in relieving inflammation from gout and any other type of arthritis. Moreover, researchers have noticed the anti-gout potential of this spice. You can buy turmeric supplements to prevent gout and other disorders from inflammation.

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turmeric and gout

8. Cherries

Delicious cherries can please your taste buds. But, most of us do not know about their effectiveness in reducing the uric acid level.

Anthocyanins in cherries fight against inflammation and decrease uric acid levels in your blood. You can eat 10 cherries every day to decrease your risk of gout attacks. Cherry juice also has the potential to prevent gout symptoms.

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9. Coffee

Coffee is one of the ingredients for gout prevention. As it can reduce your uric acid, you can fight against gout.

Although supplements have several anti-gout properties, you have to look for clinical treatments. Medications are available to cure gout attacks and prevent them. Do not choose drugs on your own. You must consult your local healthcare provider to take safe medications.

Some patients found gout as a progressive disorder. Thus, while you have noticed frequent gout flare-ups, you have to treat the condition without any delay. Your physician knows the right way of alleviating the symptoms. You must inform him about any unpleasant side effects of medications.

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Consult a physician

Before adjusting your treatment regimen, you have to consult your physician. You can inform him about dietary alterations and over-the-counter supplements that you like to take. Herbs, supplements, and some other foods may cause some effects. That is why you must rely on the guidance of your healthcare provider.

A natural approach to your gout attack will be safe for you. Still, it is important to choose the supplements carefully. Make sure that these supplements do not interact with the medications you take. We have listed the most commonly chosen supplements for gout.


We have talked about different gout supplements that can slowly relieve your pain and inflammation. You can create your routine to include these supplements and get the desired benefits.

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