How to Use Activated Charcoal for Gout? – 3 EASY Methods

activated charcoal for gout

In the last 5 years, I have discovered so many remedies for gout that I honestly believe one day I will find the cure. My secret is not to look at the obvious. I have been testing and using various remedies, foods, things, and creations that may look promising.

This is a secret you may want to use as well. Scientist will usually test for the things that should help with gout. But, they will ignore remedies and things that don’t have obvious links. This is a mistake if you ask me.

Anyway, the topic for today is activated charcoal for gout. Being obviously here means that it is either good or bad for gout. If you want to find out, continue reading.

What is activated charcoal?

First of all, activated charcoal isn’t the same thing you can find after campfire. Theoretically and the first traces of this ‘’ingredient’’ did come from ordinary wood and ordinary fire.

Today activated charcoal is made from high-carbon ingredients such as peat, coconut shell, specific types of wood, and also sawdust. Those materials are exposed to extremely high temperatures. The process is also known as activation.

Activation is used to remove molecules charcoal may have previously absorbed. This will free up the binding sites. An interesting advantage is that the pores of activated charcoal are decreased. As a result, one tablespoon has a larger surface area than the one found in an average football field.

Activated charcoal is commonly used for absorbing toxins from the body. It is, therefore, most commonly used in emergency centers across the planet to treat an overdose. Activated charcoal is even more important if you knew that the human body cannot absorb activated charcoal. It is removed from the body with all the toxins it had absorbed. Activated charcoal for gout may be an obvious remedy.

Activated charcoal for gout – The specifics

Yes, you can use activated charcoal for gout and yes, you will get one major benefit. The secret is in the fact it will absorb uric acid. As such, the level will soon be decreased and expelled from the body.

I have heard stories about gout sufferers who were unable to sleep for weeks and then used activated charcoal. They slept that night making it a worthy partner.

It is a known thing that some of you don’t like activated charcoal and they think it is the same charcoal you use for your barbeque. Although not partially true, this is an important remedy that has been linked to skin health, heart health, white teeth, better digestion, toxin removal, and several other benefits.

Most people are scared that their body will absorb charcoal. As I have previously mentioned, this is impossible and it cannot happen, regardless of the amount you consumed or used.

Activated charcoal is found in many products these days and it can be found as a gout remedy. Besides uric acid absorption, activated charcoal will also boost kidney function. It can help you with urea filtration.

Additionally, this ingredient will decrease inflammation in the kidneys and help with the gastrointestinal damage in the mentioned organs. You already know that better kidney function is important for gout sufferers. The reason is obvious. So, activated charcoal for gout is something to use.

How to use activated charcoal for gout?

1. Capsules

The first one is to consume 1-3 capsules per day. They will probably be your best delivery method and the one that will give you the most benefits.

Activated charcoal pills

2. Make a paste

Another method is to make a paste by mixing activated charcoal and water. Apply it to the affected joint and leave it like that. It should provide instant relief. This should be done during a gout attack and not before.

3. Bathing

Last but not least method is to add ½ of a cup to your bath. Stay in that mixture for at least 30 minutes although longer is possible.

activated charcoal bath

The best part about activated charcoal for gout is that you can use all three methods. It is impossible to develop any side effects of exposure and you can use it every single day. I believe that when all 3 methods are used, all gout sufferers can notice a significant decrease in pain and significant improvement in life quality.

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