Vitamin C and Gout – Is Vitamin C Good for Gout?

vitamin c and gout

Story regarding vitamin C and gout goes in both directions, but only at the first sight. If we take a deeper look, we will realize that this is the most important vitamin of them all, for all gout sufferers. Not only it is good for treating or preventing gout, but it is also beneficial for numerous other reasons.

Is vitamin C good for gout?

Vitamin C is more than just important for our body and mind. Not only that it can help us protect form gout, but it is beneficial for the immune system, cardiovascular system, for fighting bacteria and so on. Basically, this is the main vitamin to consider if you are looking for the best solution to have a perfectly healthy life.

When it comes to gout, vitamin C will decrease levels of uric acid when consumed frequently. That’s why it is essential to eat fruits which is rich in this vitamin. Some of the best ones include kiwi, red peppers, and broccoli.

Of course, numerous, other fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C and they should be taken into consideration as well. Make sure that you consume these fruits on a regular basis. It is mandatory to know that vitamin C should be taken into frequent mounts with a regular space between them. Only then it will provide you with the most advantages.

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vitamin c fruit for gout

Organic is the best way

Vitamin C and gout will be in a much better correlation if we consume organic fruits. The main advantage is in the fact they don’t contain pesticides, herbicides or any other chemical which may be an issue for your health. Then we have the fact that you can use these fruits for a long period of time, due to the same reason.

The last, but also important fact is that organic fruit has more vitamin C than conventionally grown fruit. In essence, you will get a high amount of it when consumed the same amount of fruit. I won’t have to repeat that vitamin C has numerous effects on the human body and it provides countless health benefits.

Of course, it may be difficult or impossible for some of you to consume these fruits and vegetables daily or even weekly. Basically, everything that is made or can be made from these fruits and vegetables should be consumed. There are no side effects regarding this vitamin, so the more you intake it, the better.

What about supplements?

Some of you will say that supplements are no good. After all, they aren’t natural products and they are made in a laboratory. The main concern here is in the fact you are completely wrong. Vitamin C supplements are more than a just ideal solution for all of you who are in a situation where fruits and vegetables containing this vitamin are rare.

I personally take vitamin C supplements because I believe that they are the best way to keep uric acid under control. Vitamin C is actually one of the most powerful alternatives at this point and there won’t be any complications if you take it daily. The same refers to the supplements I have mentioned. One, a big bottle of these supplements lasts 500 days for me, so it is the best investment I can make.

The bottom line here is that vitamin C supplements are great and they should be consumed. Just because they are manufactured doesn’t mean they are harmful. As a matter of fact, you can get more harm than good if you decide not to take the supplements in question.

500 mg of vitamin C or supplement is the best way to protect yourself from gout and to get a much better life quality. After all, you will reduce the uric acid through urine and you will be at a lower risk of a gout attack. Nothing else, except gout medications, do the same or better said in the same amounts.

Of course, a diet and beverages you consume must be taken into consideration as well. Always try to get a low-purine diet and consume water as much as possible. Keep in mind that I mentioned organic fruit and vegetable is a much better alternative than conventionally grown, so keep that in mind.

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Vitamin C and gout studies

I know that you may have read that recent study proved vitamin C doesn’t lower the uric acid levels, but the mentioned study was wrong. First of all, it involved 40 people only over a short period of time. For comparison only, a study conducted in Boston involved 1317 men who took vitamin C supplements. Those who took massive amounts had 45% lower risk of developing gout. The bottom line is yes, vitamin C lowers down uric acid levels.

The final word

Vitamin C and gout matter is more than just important. First, this vitamin will give you countless benefits and it will also decrease the level of uric acid. Of course, all of this is possible if we consume fruit such as orange or kiwi. At this point, I would advise you to make some changes to your diet and add plenty of fruits and vegetables rich in this vitamin. You will start noticing benefits after a few days, but the real result is when a gout attack is thing of the past.

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