Seeds and Gout – Can Seeds Help Against Gout?

seeds and gout

Unless you already have a relatively healthy diet, changing your dietary requirements to 180 degrees is by the optimal way to overcome gout and prevent further flareups – a common recommendation from doctors too, apart from a few painkillers to reduce the excruciating pains.

Now, the primary goal of your diet is to stick to low purine foods. Purines are responsible for the uric acid. While your body creates purines in a natural manner too, the truth is you get most of them from your diet. You might have to quit some of your favorite foods and perhaps implement some new ones.

Now, how about seeds and gout? Are there any connections between the disease and the beneficial seeds that everyone recommends? Whether it comes to having a snack, adding some flavor to your salad or sprinkling a steak, seeds are quite common and highly recommended these days.

Seeds and gout – Levels of purines

Seeds go in the same category as nuts. Generally speaking, most of them are relatively low in purines. They are also rich in essential nutrients, healthy oils and protein, so they are actually recommended to gout sufferers.

Apart from the low purine content, oils in seeds are rich in all kinds of fats. These are the types of fats you want, as they can actually help against inflammation – not to mention the problematic pains. Moreover, seeds are rich in all kinds of minerals and vitamins, which obviously help against gout.

Sunflower seeds bring in 40mg of purines for every 100g (3.5oz). Chia seeds and pumpkin seeds are in the same range. As a general rule of thumb, foods with less than 50mg of purines for 100g are considered low purine foods, so they are highly recommended.

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sunflower seeds

When it comes to other alternatives, hazelnuts, flax seeds, pecans, almonds and walnuts are also highly recommended. Almonds and pecans only bring in 10mg of purines for every 100g, so they are even better than seeds.

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Seeds and gout

Seeds and gout go hand in hand – they are highly recommended for the affection. But then, there is something else to pay attention to – the oxalic acid. The oxalic acid will stimulate the apparition of kidney stones. If you have had such issues before and you are struggling to beat gout, you must avoid this substance too.

While almonds, for example, are great for purines, they are high in oxalic acid. Compared to purines, the oxalic acid can be eaten in moderate amounts – again, without exaggerating with the consumption. Pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds have moderate amounts of oxalic acids.

Other seeds and nuts in this category include walnuts, pecans, pumpkin seeds or flax seeds.

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Potential risks of seeds for gout sufferers

Seeds and nuts are rich in healthy oils – highly recommended. But at the same time, they are prone to becoming rancid. Rancid oils will go in a different direction and can harm your body, so stay away from them.

Buy whole seeds and nuts – if you want to chop them, you can do it yourself. The same goes for roasted seeds – do it yourself at home. It pays off buying seeds from stores with a high turnover rate – you do not want them on the shelf for six months. If you can find them in a refrigerator or freezer, even better.

When you bring the seeds home, get them into an airtight container once you open the bag. Other than that, store them in cool and dark places.

celery seeds

Can Seeds Help Against Gout?

As a short final conclusion, there is a proper connection between seeds and gout. Seeds often go in the same category with nuts, but they may have different effects. Most seeds are alright for consumption, even if you have gout – they are considered low in purines and oxalic acid. However, it is still worth checking upfront.

Double check the label before buying seeds, as some of them are treated and enhanced with flavors and other substances, so they may no longer be helpful. Opt for raw seeds instead.

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