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Gout And Sleep Apnea – Is There Any Connection?

Gout typically can be managed well, if you are on the right diet and if you have a healthy lifestyle. However, there is a second part of the story. Gout is linked with numerous diseases and conditions. Scientists are still finding the links and they are testing the correlations between some, common disorders and gout.… Read More »

Gout And Genetics – Diet Or Genetics?

I know that most of you believe that gout is caused by an improper diet. Actually, the Arthritis association claims the same fact. Is it true? The answer is yes and no. Uric acid forms when our cells die. This is two-thirds of the complete uric acid levels in the body. 1/3 of it comes… Read More »

Gout And Yoga – Can It Help?

If you have read my articles in the past you do know that I am constantly looking for answers, remedies, and actions that can make gout more manageable. On my journey, I have discovered many, useful things and I am sharing with you all of them. Physical activity is generally useful for all gout sufferers… Read More »

Gout And Hyperuricemia – Is There A Link?

When suffering from gout, every day should be carefully managed and planned. You need actions and foods and beverages that will help you and correspondingly, you need to eliminate all the ones that may contribute to the gout attack. The first part I have explained is easy to follow. There are a few rules and… Read More »

Gout And Cancer – The Link And The Facts

Suffering from one disease or condition is more than just problematic, but suffering from two is much, much worse. Sadly, when you suffer from gout, this is the common scenario. There are all sorts of diseases and conditions that are linked to gout and scientists simply don’t have the cure. They are running countless studies… Read More »