Epsom Salt for Gout – Does Epsom Salt Help Gout?

Epsom Salt And Gout

Many of you have heard of epsom salt. It is commonly used to treat various conditions and many users claim that the benefits are impressive. The goal for today is to find and explain the link between epsom salt and gout. This is a bit more specific topic and it will require more time for you to understand it completely.

This is an old remedy. It is common for some people to hear about epsom salt from their grandparents who have been using it for decades and they swear it is an amazing remedy. There is another side of the story as well. Some people don’t know what epsom salt is and why it is important.

What is epsom salt?

Before we move to the epsom salt and gout, it is important to explain what it is. The name comes from Epsom town located in the United Kingdom where this salt was developed for the first time. The production is based on a mixture between non-porous clay and porous chalk. These days you can find epsom salt literally anywhere and in most grocery stores.

It is worth noting that epsom salt isn’t ordinary kitchen salt and as such you cannot use it for the same purpose. You must never consume it directly! Epsom salt is used while taking a bath where this salt is added to the water.

It is believed that epsom salt can penetrate the skin and cause relief in people suffering from inflammation, swelling, headaches, insomnia, fibromyalgia, and even heart problems. Most people use it to eliminate pain and bad skin though. Yes, epsom salt makes your skin softer.

epsom salt

Epsom salt for gout

If you are looking for a study about the link between epsom salt and gout, you will be disappointed. There is no a lot of research or studies done regarding this matter. In fact, there is one study conducted at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom where doctors added epsom salt to baths of volunteers. They had to spend 12 minutes for a duration of one week.

Every participant got a different amount of magnesium sulfate. The outcome was that after the study, participants measured an increase in plasma magnesium and also sulfate. No other data was provided!

However, the study wasn’t approved or appreciated due to the lack of a control group. What this means, is that there is no accurate and tested research suggesting the link between the diseases in question and epsom salt.

Still, many people who try this remedy at a home claim that it works. After all, epsom salt will penetrate the skin, reach the joint and eliminate inflammation, swelling, and pain. All three are common during a gout flare so you can see the appeal and the interest regarding the matter.

Does epsom salt help gout?

Yes, epsom salt help gout sufferers. You can also try epsom salt to treat gout. Add 2 cups of it to the full bathtub and spend 10-15 minutes in it. You can also target only affected areas such as big toe (gout occurs here most commonly).

Warm water is ideal because it will open the skin pores and allow the salt penetrate the skin. For even better results (to maximize the effects) use magnesium supplements.

Be free to repeat the process as many times as you like. There are no side effects of using epsom salt. It can help you with pain relief or nothing will happen. An interesting fact is that you can get smooth and softer skin from using epsom salt while taking a bath. Who knows, maybe it helps you dramatically and it becomes the ultimate gout remedy that you will recommend to everyone.


In conclusion, epsom salt and gout connection is uncertain. Every gout patient can test it and see will this remedy work on his own body. There are no downsides and it is cheap, available almost anywhere. In the worst case scenario, you will get soft skin and nothing more. In the best case scenario, you are looking at massive pain relief.

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