Apples And Gout – Are Apples Good For Gout?

apples and gout

Apples and gout? Are they beneficial for us, gout sufferers or they should be avoided? The simplest answer I can give you is yes, they should be consumed. This is one of the most consumed fruits on the planet and it is present in all parts of the world. Reasons are simple. It is delicious and has plenty of health benefits.

Health benefits of apples

As I have mentioned, health benefits of apples are massive. First of all, they can fight cancer, regulate blood sugar and they will eliminate bacteria from your body. Yes, apples and gout is the essence here, but I first must explain why you should consume apples daily, even if you are not a gout sufferer.

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Importance of apple skin

The true power of the apples is in the skin and the flesh which is closest to the skin. As such, never peel the apple before eating it. This is a common mistake some people make, believing that peel is useless. As a matter of fact, it is the best part of the apple and it should be consumed daily.

Skin and meat close to the skin contain flavonols which are beneficial. There are a lot of different types, but in a combination, they will help you with blood sugar, protect your heart and they will reduce toxins from the body. All of this is mandatory to get if you consume apples and it is something that can make a huge difference. I must repeat that apples must be consumed with their skin.

apple skin

I must include several studies which can make a difference. The first one involved more than 90.000 people and they discovered that people who consume apples have less risk of developing stroke. This affects the cholesterol levels and reduces the risk, obviously. The second study discovered that people who have been consuming apples daily have 20% less risk of developing type 2 diabetes. This study involved more than 120.000 people, so it is definitely accurate.

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The best type of apples to consume

It isn’t a secret that there are so many, different types of apples on the planet. So which ones are the best?

Regardless of the fact are you a gout sufferer or not, the best apples are granny smith apples. They are great for a diet addition, due to the fact they reduce hunger, so they can help you eat less and therefore decrease the body weight. In addition, they are also known for decreasing the gut bacteria and promoting digestion. This type of apples is the most beneficial for those who want to lose weight.

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Granny Smith green apple
Granny Smith green apple

I must add the fact that there are all other benefits apples provide included in this type of fruit. You are definitely going to benefit from consuming granny smith apples more than consuming any other kind, but you should keep in mind that other types are beneficial as well.

Are Apples Good For Gout?

For gout suffers, you must know that 100 grams of apples contain 14 mg of purines. As such, this is a low-purine fruit, so it is even more beneficial. You are free to consume apples daily in order to get the most and the best benefits. Apples should be consumed before a meal because as I have mentioned earlier, they reduce hunger.

Apples, especially granny smith ones are rich in vitamin C which is known to decrease uric acid levels. You will get the levels of this acid decreased even if you consume 3-4 apples per a day, with the skin, obviously. Of course, other types are desirable as well. In addition, all products which are associated with natural apples are beneficial. Apple juice is beneficial for example. Dried apples are a great alternative as well. At the end of a day, you must know that apples are important fruit to your diet and they should be consumed on a regular basis. Apples and gout are something that is great when mixed together and something that should be considered if you are gout sufferer.

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My diet

I personally like having one apple before lunch and one after it. Not only that I eat less, but I also noticed better digestion and the fact that I feel better. Of course, this is my personal preference, but it is up to you to decide how you want to consume the apples. Don’t forget that apples will protect you from many diseases and conditions, so they are the powerful fruit that can make a true difference.

As I always want to say when it comes to the fruit and vegetables, organic ones are the best. Not only that they are the healthiest, but they also contain no harmful ingredients and they won’t cause any side effects. Nowadays apples organic ones are easy to find, which is definitely an advantage or a benefit if you like. Look at local farms who sell apples and you will probably find organic ones at an affordable price. It is also important to add that organic apples have a bit different, better taste than those which have been conventionally grown. As such, it is isn’t difficult to understand why they are the best choice.

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In the end, I will add the fact several types of apples, cut into slices and mixed will be the best meal you can possibly have. The full list of the benefits and advantages of this simple dish are impressive no less and they will make a true difference. Add cherries and your gout will be taken care of.

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simple dish with apples

The final word

Apples and gout are something to consider. When mixed, this fruit will give you so many advantages in your life and make your health better than ever before. They are also a great way to protect yourself from bacteria, germs and etc. Never forget that the skin of an apple is the crucial ingredient and it must be consumed. The last, but not least, pay attention to the granny smith apples. They are probably the best type ever.

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