Gout And Stress – Can Stress Cause Gout?

gout and stress

Stress is the most common issue of all of us nowadays. It affects literally every single person on the planet and it is something you should be worried about. Now, I am not going to tell you the causes of stress because they are an individual matter. Anything that causes stress should be kept away from your life, but it may be difficult at some point. Sadly gout and stress are linked together, which means that we, gout sufferers should be worried for one more reason.

Can stress cause gout?

When we are under stress, especially when it is a prolonged episode of stress, the uric acid levels will be increased, which is the main reason for a gout attack. Gout and stress are more than just linked together if the stress lasts for several days.

Besides the fact this issue will increase the uric acid level, it will also make your muscles react and cause more severe pain in a case of a gout attack. Luckily, the gout attack won’t be triggered by a single day of stress. After all, this isn’t a huge issue as a longer period of stress.

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What happens when we are under stress?

When we are exposed to stress, the first thing our body will do is to use as much vitamin B5 as possible. The same applies to the pantothenic acid. But, what’s even more concerning is the fact that our body will release the cortisol. This is a hormone which affects our body in so many ways. At the beginning, it will regulate energy levels and proteins, including metabolism in the body. But, when we are exposed to this hormone for a longer period of time, it will start causing side effects, severe ones.

Higher levels of cortisol will increase blood pressure, heart rate and also fat storing processes in the body. In other words, our body won’t work properly and it will start decreasing its ability to fight more stress and similar issues. As such, we are more prone to a gout attack and we will definitely get one.

Most people get a gout attack in a case of a severe stress situation.  I personally know that stress, especially when it is present in massive amounts can cause a gout attack. Furthermore, this gout attack is more painful than any other simply because stress has a negative effect on the muscles. In addition, when we are exposed to the severe stress, it can trigger gout to appear for the first time. There is no a lot of treatments for this issue, but usually, patients get corticosteroid which should help them regulate the level of cortisol.

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How to prevent stress?

I won’t waste your time here by explaining that you must do something in order to fight stress. It is an individual matter which must be taken into account seriously. The best thing what you can do is to visit a therapist. He will help you manage stress.

This is perfectly normal if we know that all of us are under a huge amount of stress per a day. There is no other solution, so you should go for it as soon as possible. By reducing stress, you will reduce the risk of a gout attack and other types of arthritis.



Gout and stress definitely deserve your full attention. It is important to know that a day filled with stress won’t harm you, but several days of it will. The next main thing is that yes, a gout attack will be more severe when caused by stress and it is something you must deal with as soon as you can.

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