Celery for Gout – Is Celery Good for Gout?

celery for gout

Celery for gout is centuries old connection which has been used in all parts of the world. This food is one of the best for treating gout due to several reasons, which I will explain below. You must remember that there are some differences between celery and celery seeds used for the same purpose. Of course, I will explain both of them. The next best thing is that there are no side effects or drawbacks if you use celery for treating gout.

Is celery good for gout?

As I have mentioned, celery has been used for centuries in different parts of the world for treating gout. There is no need in telling you that this is 100% natural remedy which is perfectly safe and reliable. The most important thing to know is that it actually works and it is more than just helpful.

1. Anti-inflammatory properties

The first benefit is its anti-inflammatory properties. Celery is a natural remedy that will help you ease the pain by fighting off the inflammation, which is the most concerning matter for all of us. At the same time, this is the first and the main reason why celery has been used as a natural remedy for so long.

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2. Celery is diuretic

Celery is diuretic as well. What this means is that it will help our body remove more of uric acid through urine. Uric acid will be converted to urine and eliminated from our body. Yes, you will want to increase the water intake, just to make up for the water loss in the body, but this is still an impressive benefit to look for. At the same time, it is one of the safest ways to achieve the mentioned benefit.

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3. Allopurinol

Allopurinol is used for managing the levels of the uric acid. Well, the celery contains XO or xanthine oxidase inhibitor which does the same thing. Basically, the end result will be the same, but this is an all-natural ingredient which comes without any drawbacks or related issues. It is essential to consume celery daily in order to get this benefit.

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4. Celery is alkalizing

Celery is alkalizing as well. If some of you don’t know, this means that it reduces the level of the uric acid in the body, making our body stay more resilient for gout attacks. It is impressive how much celery can help us get this benefit. I personally added celery in massive amounts to my diet simply due to this property it offers.

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Important nutrients in celery that fight off gout

The aforementioned reasons are the main ones why you should add celery to your diet. However, they are not the only ones. Here I will discuss the specific set of ingredients or nutrients that are effective versus celery as well. The first one is sodium. This is a natural source of sodium which is much healthier than the table salt. It is a highly recommended version of salt you will want to consider and which must be taken into consideration.

Potassium is the next mineral here that does make a difference. Potassium is useful due to two reasons. The first one is it helps your body balance the sodium levels. Then, potassium will help us restore natural levels of pH value.

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Then we have magnesium, which is great for promoting sleep. We can also add vitamin C and antioxidant properties, which all help us fight gout and decreasing the risk of a gout attack.

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Celery seeds are an even better alternative

Celery seeds are rich in omega 6 fatty acids and they have impressive diuretic properties. Combines, they will help you remove excess amount of uric acid from the body and they will promote the kidney function.

Celery seeds are also useful due to the fact they promote blood circulation, so your body will be more effective in eliminating the uric acid.

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Celery for gout treatment actually works and it must be added to your diet. I personally believe that eating 2 stalks per a day and taking one or two celery seed supplement pill daily is the best dosage. Combined, ingredients form the celery and the seeds will help your body prevent the next gout attack. If you want to know more, leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

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