Stinging Nettles and Gout – Amazing Plant That Can Help Us

stinging nettles and gout

On one side we have gout, a type of arthritis that is caused by uric acid levels in the body which are obviously too high. On the other side, we have stinging nettles, a plant that grows all over the planet. So why and what is the relation between stinging nettles and gout. This will be my mission at the moment and I will help you understand the answer.

Stinging nettles: The basics

The plant used to be native to Europe and Asia, but nowadays it grows all over the planet. You probably have been in touch with the plant at some point. It is green, obviously and it has small, white hairs all around its leaves. When you touch it, you will notice that the plant causes pain and redness on the skin.

On the other hand, when it touches a place which is already in pain, it will decrease it and some believe that it even decreases the power of the pain signals that reach the brain. It is also believed that the plant will release specific chemicals to the blood which should decrease the pain.

Using stinging nettles to treat gout

Obviously, by now, you are well aware that you can use this plant to treat gout. As a matter of fact, I must mention that the plant is commonly used to treat joint pain, muscle pain, anemia, flue, liver disease and etc. But, I will be focused on using the plant for treating gout.

It is rich in antihistamine which will fight off the inflammatory. It is more than just effective, I personally tried it and I have a positive experience.

In order to get the benefits, you will need the tea made of stinging nettles. There is a simple way to make it. All you have to do is to put 2-3 leaves to the boiling water, stir for 10 minutes and you have tea. You can use the dry plant as well, but I haven’t tried it personally. Once you get tea, you can either drink it, which is great or you can apply it to the affected joint.

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When consumed, the tea will make several benefits important for us, gout sufferers. The first one is the fact it will decrease uric acid and it will fight inflammation. But, at the same time, the tea will promote blood flow and detoxification, so it will remove all the toxins from the body. Simply stunning effect. Keep in mind that it is diuretic, so you will have to consume more water than usual. Of course, this isn’t an issue for gout sufferers. We already must consume more water than ordinary people.

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Some safety points

Although stinging nettle is an impressive plant that is powerful and comes with plenty of health benefits, some safety points must be taken into account. The plant can cause diarrhea and upset stomach on some people. It cannot be generalized, so it is always a better idea to check this with your doctor before you start consuming tea.

When it comes to the source of the plant, you can get fresh ones from nature. Try to remember that this plant likes to grow in areas which are affected by garbage, dust and etc. so make sure you find a source that is far from these things. I personally believe that these plants are the best and the most effective. On the other side, you can purchase them in any grocery store or even get frozen ones, which I don’t like. So, make sure that your body will appreciate the plant and go get it. There won’t be any complications with it and you will get plenty of health benefits.

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The final word

Stinging nettles and gout are obviously connected, but the truth or the complete connection between these two is still unknown. All we know that this moment is the fact that the plant will decrease the uric acid level, it will fight inflammation and it will help us remove toxins from the body. There are a lot of benefits we can get from a single plant. As such, this is the plant to look for in 2018, for us, gout sufferers.

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