What Is the Fastest Way to Get Rid of Gout?

What Is the Fastest Way to Get Rid of Gout

Inflammatory arthritis is one of the common symptoms in both men and women. It indicates the gout attack and results in swelling to joints. Although gout attacks mostly target big toes, they can affect several other parts. Some patients claim that it takes much time to cure the gout symptoms. But, what is the fastest way to get rid of gout? We will discuss it below in detail.

Curing gout in different ways

Uric acid will result in the creation of needle-shaped crystals, which make you feel pain. The affected parts will become red and start swelling. The normal amount of uric acid is 6.8 mg per deciliter, and when the amount crosses this level, you will have several problems.

You have two ways of treating gout – natural treatment and medications.

To take medications, you have to consult doctors. Without any instruction, you must not buy medication. Some patients have found that medications give faster results, and they can get rid of gout symptoms.

Another alternative for you is the herbal home remedy to reduce uric acid and prevent gout attacks. Cherries and some other vegetables can lower your inflammation.

Medications for the gout attack

The most commonly chosen drug is intended to reduce uric acid. It will reduce the purine breakdown, and that is why you can control the level of uric acid. You have to take your medications after having a meal. Drink more water while taking the medications.

1. Allopurinol

Your treatment will start with a very low dose (100 mg), and then it will be increased to reach the uric acid level below 6.5 mg/dL. Your physician may ask you to check the uric acid level.

In case of mild gout symptoms, you may need allopurinol with a daily dosage of 200-300 mg.

However, patients with severe gout need 400 to 500 mg. The highest dose in a single day is 800 mg. After starting the treatment, you have to schedule an appointment with the physician every three months. When the uric acid level is low, and there is no crystal formation, you can alleviate gout symptoms.

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2. Febuxostat

In some cases, when allopurinol does not work for your high uric acid level, your physician will prescribe febuxostat. However, the way in which these two medications work is no different. But, no physician prescribes febuxostat for the first-time treatment, as it can increase the cardiovascular risk.

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febuxostat and gout

3. Uricosuric drugs

Uricosuric drugs like benzbromarone and probenecid are other treatment options. They enable your kidneys to discharge more uric acid. You may also take them with allopurinol. But, these medications are used in a few cases.

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Natural remedies for gout

Although medications are effective in giving you fast results, you may rely on some natural remedies. The combination of both types of treatments will deliver the desired outcome.

  • Drink more coffee– Coffee has an antioxidant, known as chlorogenic acid, and it will reduce your uric acid to prevent gout. Drink at least 4 cups of coffee every day. But, maintain this limit to avoid the side effects of caffeine. (more here)
  • Lose your weight– Reduction of weight can lower the uric acid level. Obesity will affect the normal functioning of your kidneys, which cannot remove uric acid through urine. The gout risk is higher for obese persons. So, maintain a proper weight to keep away from gout. (more here)
  • Take more vitamin C– Vitamin C lowers uric acid, and thus, you must take 500 mg of vitamin C supplements every day. Scientists have found evidence of the effectiveness of this vitamin in treating gout. Vitamin C will drop the level of uric acid. (more here)
  • Limit the consumption of sugary drinks- Drinking liquor and beer will increase uric acid risks. Avoid drinking alcohol to prevent gout.

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When do you need gout medications?

Acute gout is a chronic condition. However, it does not happen to everyone, and you do not always need to take medications for gout. Based on your current condition, the physician will make the right decision. In some cases, patients need to take medications for a number of years. But, they can interact with other drugs. For this reason, you must clearly inform your physician about your medical history and the drugs you take.

You can look for medical treatment when you have frequent gout attacks, and you feel distressed:

  • Joint damages are visible in your x-ray report
  • There is a formation of tophi
  • You have a high level of uric acid that can cause kidney stones.

Moreover, when your gout-friendly diet has not given any result, you can talk to your doctor. For patients who have gout attacks for the first time, it may not be clear about the need to reduce the uric acid level. Your physician may not like to prescribe medications after diagnosing the mild symptoms.

Some patients do not have any complications after their first gout attack. That is why you may need to wait for the symptoms and begin the treatment.

There are also patients with frequent gout attacks (more than two gout attacks in a year). Moreover, the severity of their gout attacks is another factor based on which your physician will prescribe medications.

foods to eat with gout
foods to eat with gout

Do the gout medications have any side effects?

Some patients have reported that the intake of allopurinol has caused rashes. There is a very low chance of having this side effect. Moreover, although you may have rashes, they will be mild and go away within a short time.

Those who have kidney disorders may be at risk. They have a chance of experiencing side effects, including cold-like symptoms and fever. These conditions need medical attention without any delay.

Febuxostat also has potential side effects like joint ache and nausea. Serious hypersensitivity and rashes may also turn up during the treatment.


You have now found the right answer to your query- What is the fastest way to get rid of gout? Take medications and control your diet. You will stay healthy and prevent gout.

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