How to Get Rid of Gout – Short & Long-Term Remedies

How to Get Rid of Gout

Gout is caused by urate crystals accumulating in particular joints – it all starts with inflammation and goes on to intense pains. These crystals are caused by high uric acid levels in the blood. While diet is the main cause associated with gout, the truth is there are plenty of other risk factors out there too. Most importantly, you need the right diet.

Assuming it is too late already and you have experienced gout, learning how to get rid of gout could be a bit tricky. There are certain things you can do to prevent flareups and issues in the long run, as well as quick solutions that will help you overcome gout attacks within minutes only. Here is everything you need to know.

Quick solutions to get rid of gout

Medications represent the most popular option when it comes to overcoming gout attacks. These medications are most commonly prescribed by doctors. NSAIDs represent the most popular options out there. They can quickly reduce the inflammation, but they will also relieve the painful sensations associated with it. Ideally, they should be taken within the first 24 hours after the attack for maximum efficiency.

Corticosteroids represent another common solution. They usually require prescriptions, and they are taken orally. Sure, they can also be taken through direct injections in the affected areas – these injections are also administered by specialist doctors and only in more severe cases. Once in the body, injections will work within hours only. Oral corticosteroids will start working within the first 24 hours after the administration.

Last, but not least, it is worth considering colchicine as well. The medication is also given with a prescription. It is an anti-inflammatory drug and it will be more efficient if taken within the first day of a gout attack. Just like for most other treatments, the faster you react, the more successful the medication will be against the gout attack. Delay it some more thinking that it will go away and you will most likely experience more intense pains.

colchicine and gout

Long term solutions to get rid of gout

Water is one of the best ways to keep gout away or at least reduce the intensity of gout attacks. The affection is normally caused by buildups of uric acid. Staying hydrated all the time is essential because water can easily flush out some of the uric acid. When hydrating yourself, stick to water over other liquids – it is more efficient.

Changing your diet is another recommendation when learning how to get rid of gout. Find out what you are supposed to weigh for your height and age. If you are even slightly overweight, lose the excessive pounds and you can prevent further gout flareups. But then, when losing weight, there are a few ways to do it safely.

For example, losing weight too fast will harm you. In fact, it can be just as harmful for gout. Rapid weight loss will add to the levels of uric acid in the blood. Therefore, stay away from the so-called crash diets or fast weight loss solutions. Instead, seek help from a dieting expert and choose a plan that works for you in the long run, rather than within a week.

Talking about diets, stay away from purines. Purines are some natural chemicals you normally get from foods. Many meats are rich in purines – especially red meat. Some vegetables and legumes also bring in high amounts of purines – beans, for instance. The higher the purine intake, the more likely you are to develop a gout attack.

Seafood is also rich in purines – some of the main causes of gout attacks. On the same note, it is worth noting that animal purines are more dangerous than plant purines. In fact, plant purines are not even harmful, yet you should still try to reduce the intake in order to prevent unwanted attacks.


Fruits, on the other hand, are excellent against gout. Have at least five fruits a day – great vitamin intake as well. While fructose is normally contraindicated in gout sufferers, the truth is fruits rich in fructose can still be enjoyed – moderation is essential though.

When it comes to fruits, cherries represent the best options out there. Even cherry extract is handy. One or two servings a day are usually enough. Unlike natural sugar from fruits, artificial sugars are among the main gout dangers.

It pays off being careful with carbohydrates too. Some of them can be helpful against gout, while others are dangerous. Healthy carbohydrates are usually found in whole grains. Legumes, fruits and vegetables are also handy. Stick to sweet potatoes, apples, beans and popcorn. Then, carbs to avoid include candy, sports drinks, particular cereals and a few pasta sauces.

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How about fish? Fish are normally high in purines. Swordfish, marlin and tuna are among the fish to avoid. But then, the high levels of omega 3 fatty acids can actually help against the high levels of purine.

As for alcohol, stay away from it. Beer is the worst beverage if you suffer from gout. When learning how to get rid of gout, you will discover that other alcoholic beverages can be just as problematic. Wine, on the other hand, is not too harmful if you have it in low amounts.

Coffee, however, will lower the risks in the long run. Unable to cope with caffeine? Stick to decaf coffee. However, improvements are better with caffeine. This idea is mostly recommended to men. Women who drink coffee tend to have more uric acid in their blood.


As a short final conclusion, gout can be a nightmare to deal with, but educating yourself on what causes the affection and what prevents flareups will work wonders in the long run. There are both short- and long-term solutions out there – some of them require medical attention, while others can be handled at home. The good news is gout can be successfully kept under control with a relatively healthy lifestyle and attention to small details.

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