Obesity and Gout – Does Obesity Cause Gout?

obesity and gout

How many times have you heard that gout is linked to overweight issues? Probably a million times. Sadly, this is true and obesity and gout are more than just linked. There are so many explanations and definitions why this issue appears but at the end of a day, it all comes to insulin resistance and high level of uric acid.

Some experts even say that obesity causes gout or it increases the odds of getting it. Others will say that all gout sufferers are obese and etc. I want to say that obesity is linked to gout and if you suffer from more pounds than you actually need, you are at a higher risk of developing gout or suffering from a gout attack.

Does obesity cause gout?

In the simplest word, obesity affects gout by increasing the amount of uric acid. The more weight equals more uric acid, so you are at a higher risk of developing gout or getting a gout attack. Another explanation is linked to the low insulin sensitivity. When you are obese, your body is less sensitive to insulin, therefore the risk of devoting gout is much higher.

There have been countless studies and researches that provide that obesity is more than just linked with gout. Basically, if your body isn’t ideal, you are at a higher risk. All of us can develop gout at any given moment, but if you are obese, those odds are much higher.

A study proved that gaining just 10 pounds over 4 months is a huge issue, for us, gout sufferers. In that case scenario, the spike of the uric acid is mandatory, therefore you can expect gout or the gout attack. This isn’t something you should worry about if you have a healthy and effective lifestyle, something I will explain below.

Keep in mind that levels of uric acid are not definite. This means that they can be increased or decreased due to countless reasons. Some medications increase them, some foods as well and lack of physical activity is an issue as well. In essence, uric acid levels can go up at any given moment and this matter cannot be defined. But, if you are obese, chances for this are much, much higher.

obesity and gout are linked

Belly fat?

This also refers to the belly fat as well. If you are not obese in general but you have a big belly, you have a higher chance of developing gout. Statistic data says that those with a big belly have 47% to develop gout compared to 27% of those who have flat bellies. You are also at a higher risk of developing metabolic syndrome (37% compared to 13% if you have a flat belly). All I can say here is that fat and obesity affect the gout big time. This is probably a massive issue to consider as soon as possible and to try finding a solution to decrease the weight and make yourself healthy again.

One study that was conducted in Europe caught my attention. It included more than 3000 people and scientists determined that most of them have some disorder or a condition which is linked to obesity and gout. 68% of the participants had a high blood pressure. 24% had a type 2 diabetes and 58% had high cholesterol. As you can see, all of these issues are linked to obesity.

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Making change to your lifestyle is more than just important

If you are obese or you are going to become, there are some things you must start doing today. All of these are related to changes in your lifestyle. As such, you will have to radically change the things you do right now in order to protect yourself from gout and obesity. I will explain those changes in detail. Believe me, they are more than just important and they helped me.

First of all, you must limit yourself to diet beverages. Those with artificial sweeteners are not something you will need. Eliminate alcohol as well. Yes, there are some alcoholic beverages that are harmless, but if you consume too much of them, which is probable, you are at a higher risk of developing gout or a gout attack.

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Your diet must be healthy

Your diet must be healthy, meaning that you must consume fruit and vegetables while decreasing or eliminating if possible red meat and processed foods. They contain bad fats which can help you gain weight! Besides a healthy diet, you will need to consume as much water as possible. Between 8 and 10 glasses per a day is the best or the safest choice to make. There is no need in telling you that avoiding sweets and junk food is mandatory as well. And don’t worry. There are a lot of healthy and delicious snacks and foods out there, so you won’t starve.

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If you are looking for a healthy lifestyle which is based solely on a diet, you are wrong. There is no such thing and it is just a matter of fact when something will go wrong. Each person needs as much of physical activity as possible. By having it you will protect yourself from gaining weight. Your body will work perfectly and be much more efficient in eliminating uric acid. The main thing here is to keep in mind that physical activity is as important as a proper diet. Only combined you can have a healthy lifestyle which is the main point of mine.

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The final word

Obviously, obesity and gout are connected and they can be even more connected if you don’t follow the guidelines I gave you here. All you have to remember is that if you are obese or you will be, or you have a belly fat, you are at a higher risk of developing gout attack or gout in general. There is no an easy solution for that and you will have to make changes to your lifestyle. Follow the instructions I gave you here and you will be fine.

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