Gout and Nutmeg – The Truth Behind an Ancient Solution

Nutmeg and Gout

While not deadly, gout can be extremely disturbing due to its numerous painful episodes and attacks. The affection is a variety of arthritis. While it can be prevented or at least delayed, most people never worry about it until it kicks in. Sadly enough, I was one of these people…

Gout came in slowly, with slight episodes every now and then. They gained more and more intensity and eventually, I had to see a doctor. There is no such thing as a medical treatment – just maintain a healthy weight, do some exercise and eat well. As for the painful attacks, painkillers will do.

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But with time, painkillers will become inefficient. You have to increase the dose and chances are you will become addicted to them. Plus, being stuck to drugs for the rest of your life does not sound so well, does it?

This is when I thought about approaching a natural approach. Gout and nutmeg seem to work together, but does it really help?

What is nutmeg?

Nutmeg is a spice coming from a tree. It is extremely flavorful and used in various cuisines for hundreds of years. It has also been used in traditional medicine since the 1600s. People in Indonesia – one of the top producers in the world – use nutmeg to reduce inflammation and handle painful joints.

Nutmeg has been proven to work against more health related issues – nausea, indigestion, arterial hypertension, infertility, liver disease and insomnia, among many others. Handling liver disease is what drew my attention in the first place…

Gout and nutmeg

Nutmeg removes toxins from the liver. It will prevent and work against kidney stones – a common problem associated with gout sufferers. In other words, the liver is kept healthy and detoxified, which means it will get the job done.

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How does that affect gout? When the kidney works properly, it will help lower the levels of uric acid. The less uric acid you have, the less likely you are to develop gout or experience painful episodes. So said, so done… I thought – what could go wrong?

Gout has also been used in ancient China to relieve arthritis in any form. So, how does it work?

How nutmeg works against gout

A little research is always handy when about to approach a natural healing treatment. Studies are not 100% clear, but when the spice is used against gout and pains for hundreds of years, chances are it will also help you.

According to some studies, nutmeg will reduce the levels of CRP, as well as the frequency and intensity of swelling and painful gout attacks. As a direct consequence, it will decrease the necessity of painkillers, which also cause a series of unwanted side effects.

On another note, nutmeg blocks the inflammatory enzymes in a couple of pathways. It is said that it should be mixed with black pepper, as the pepper helps the body absorb it faster.


I tried the treatment as I had nothing to lose. No changes within the first week. Nothing during the second week. After about three weeks, my daily episodes lost their frequency – I experienced issues once every two or three days. I kept going and a couple of months later, I started getting one gout attack a week, so it does work.

Let me also point out that the episodes are no longer that painful. They are, indeed, uncomfortable and can cause some light issues, but they are nothing compared to what I had to go through.

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How to use nutmeg for gout

Some people apply nutmeg oil (make sure it is organic) directly on the painful joints. I did that too and I still do it whenever an attack occurs. Some others also have plenty of nutmeg in their diets. Again, I do that too. I throw nutmeg in pretty much everything I cook.

Bottom line, I am not saying that you should get a spoon and start eating plain spice. You should not start drinking oil either. Stick to a basic treatment – random applications a couple of times a day and a few pinches of nutmeg in every dish. Gout and nutmeg do work and will make your life easier in the long run. Try it out and let me know about your evolution in the comments section.​

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