Gout Tophi – Treating or Living with Tophi

gout and tophi

So, what tophi is actually? It maybe sounds like a type of food, but it is actually a disease which affects millions of people on the planet. You will know because it looks like gout and I personally believe that it is a new stage in gout development. Anyway, here I will reveal all you have to know regarding gout and tophi.

The first facts about tophi

Tophi occurs as a result of a high level of uric acid, among people who have been affected with 7 mg/dl for a long period of time. It consists of monosodium urate crystals who will be present in the joints like knees, ankles, toes, but also in ears. Once formed, these crystals will cause a severe pain and they must be treated as soon as possible.

For us, gout sufferers, it is important to know that tophi occur as a result of chronic tophaceous gout stage. It affects 25% of us, gout sufferers and it is a severe condition that must be treated. An interesting fact is that the first treatment for tophi appeared in 1951, a drug called phobenecid.

I must explain tophi a bit more. This condition is known to form lumps all over the body. These lumps are formed as the effect of white blood cells which will attack the aforementioned crystals and therefore make the lumps even bigger. Basically, we can see the lumps being made out of crystals and dead cells.

SOURCE: https://www.krystexxa.com/uncontrolled-chronic-gout/tophi

More about tophi

Here we can see another issue. It is possible that tophi start development 10 years after you were diagnosed with gout. On the other hand, it may appear overnight and in some cases, the lump must be surgically removed in order to allow for the joint motion. I will also add that tophi crystals are usually formed at the coolest parts of the body, such as fingers, toes and etc. Don’t forget that with age risk of tophi will raise, but the actual time, when it will be noticed cannot be generalized. It may take between 3 and 40 years to be noticed.

At first, tophi won’t cause any problems, so it is difficult to notice this issue. But, after some time, as the lumps are becoming bigger, pain and issues with a joint motion will be noticed. It means that you must start a treatment as soon as possible.

Treating or living with tophi

Once this is certain. Tophi must be treated. Yes, you will have to live with it, due to the fact it is usually diagnosed after a long period of time, so it will already form the crystals. In most cases, they must be surgically removed. Once diagnosed, tophi will have to be treated with a drug called Krystexxa. Nevertheless, the best way is prevention.

Prevention is the key to making your life better and safer from tophi. In the most cases, you will have to change your diet and to start exercising, all in the goal of reducing the level of uric acid. As a matter of fact, you will have to start this change and also start taking medications in a case uric acid reaches 6 mg/dl! It is a mandatory task for all gout sufferers. I have been using this trick and I am still tophi free.

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It should be added that a regular diet, which is based on healthy foods like fruits, vegetables and doesn’t include red meat, processed food, alcohol, and cigarettes is the best way to protect yourself from this issue. In addition, I must add that drinking plenty of water is essential for keeping uric acids as low as possible, all in order to protect yourself from gout, gout attacks, and tophi.

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gouty tophi in elbow
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Gout and tophi are more than just linked together and there is a simple way you can use to reduce the risk of their connection.  A healthy diet and regular controls are mandatory in this case scenario. Even if tophi do occurs, make sure to start the treatment on the same day in order to get the best relief possible. If you want to know more, comment in the section below and I will help you as much as I can.

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