Immediate Gout Pain Relief – 7 Best Options

Immediate Gout Pain Relief

Gout is one of the medical conditions affecting the big toe and some other joints. You will have pain and swelling in your joints. Although your big toe has a small joint, the first gout attack mostly occurs in this part. However, as the pain is unbearable, patients always desire immediate gout pain relief.

There are multiple treatment options available for gout. You can treat your gout in the knees, ankles, fingers, wrists, and elbows. But, most of the common treatments take time to show results. Thus, how will you get the desired results within the shortest time?

Apply ice compression

You may take some steps to control swelling and pain of the affected joints. For instance, you can apply ice compression techniques to alleviate the pain. Moreover, you need to avoid drinking alcohol and stay hydrated.

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Gout Ice Packs


Medications from physicians will also be useful for treating pain from gout. Anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen will prevent the pain from an acute gout attack. But, you must take the drug early to achieve the result.

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ibuprofen treating gout pain


Similarly, colchicine is another drug to stop gout pain. Make sure that you have taken it within the first few hours of the attack. Take a colchicine table thrice a day to find the effective result. After a week, you can take two tablets a day. However, you must consult a physician before taking any drug.

Both these drugs are effective in treating acute gout conditions, and their actions are different. However, healthcare specialists mostly prefer colchicine to alleviate acute attacks, as it works fast and patients do not have adverse reactions.

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colchicine and gout

Cortisone shot

Cortisone is a potent anti-inflammatory steroid medicine working immediately to reduce the intensity of gout pain. It is easy to take cortisone orally. However, there are some common side effects of taking it. Researchers have found that cortisone injected into the affected joint can give a faster and better result. For instance, to treat severe gout conditions of your feet and big toes, you can choose Cortisone injection.

The healthcare specialist will rely on ultrasound technology to inject the needle into your joint. This technology will make the result much accurate.

Consult your doctor before taking a cortisone injection for immediate gout pain relief. Do not delay in having this injection. You will find the result within the shortest time.

PRP injections

In some special cases, doctors prescribe PRP shots for their gout patients. These anti-inflammatory injections will provide you with a highly beneficial effect. Especially, when your joint has osteoarthritis and other degenerative conditions, these PRP injections will be highly effective. 

Nevertheless, some researchers have claimed that PRP injections are less effective than cortisone. While you have a risk from cortisone shots, PRP is the alternative.

Arthritis like gout causes damage by breaking down tissue, which helps in the proper cushioning of joints. That is why you feel pain while the bones have friction against each other together. Due to arthritis, your joint lining may also have inflammation.

PRP shots promote the restoration of the damaged tissues within the shortest time. By using blood platelets from your body, PRP treatment providers ensure natural healing.


Regular intake of oral medications will surely lower your uric acid buildup. But, you will still feel swelling and severe pain in gout-affected parts. That is why you can use special creams to alleviate pain from gout. The right application of the cream will be effective in decreasing the level of pain.

There is another advantage of using topical creams for your gout pain. You can avoid any potential side effects because these creams are not harmful. On the contrary, drugs may have adverse effects. Moreover, some drugs react with other medications, and you have at least some risks from them.

Change your lifestlye

To control your gout flare-ups, you have to reduce your uric acid. Your lifestyle may need some adjustments. Lose your weight, reduce alcohol intake, and have a proper diet.

Try to avoid foods containing a high level of purines. Sardines, prawns, anchovies, and some meats are risky for you. Moreover, foods and drinks with high fructose sugar will be valuable to you. Frozen foods, canned foods, and other yeast-based foods may also cause a problem. Do not drink sugar-sweetened beverages every morning. Low-fat dairy products, Vitamin C, and other vegetarian diets are safe for gout.


These are some preventive steps for gouts. But, for immediate gout pain relief, you can rely on modern treatments. The best treatments will give you comfort, and you can keep away from the gout symptoms.

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