Gout and Ayurvedic Medicine – Is It Successful or Not?

ayurvedic medicine and gout

Did you know that gout is also called rich man disease? The link came from the 19th century or possible earlier when only rich people were able to afford salty and sweet foods which were linked to gout at that time.

Of course, the condition these days affects millions of all statuses and there are no exceptions. This also means that all people or as I like to call them all gout sufferers can use various methods.

And indeed, there are many treatments, remedies, and methods you can use today. The most common of them all are painkillers which should be taken during the gout attack. There are medications which should decrease the uric acid and eliminate attacks and they usually but not always work.

There is also diet-based treatment. This means that you will control the uric acid via diet and you will basically reduce the risk for the next attack. This is something I like to use and it proved effective in the past. However, today I will take a look at gout and ayurvedic medicine.

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Understanding the ayurvedic medicine

First of all, ayurvedic isn’t a single medicine or treatment. It is a type of alternative medicine characteristic for India. It was developed in ancient times and it is believed that gods shared the secrets of the plants with sages and afterward with humans.

The medicine in question is almost entirely based on plants and herbs that grow in India and surrounding countries. However, in the recent period of time, I noticed that this type of medicine is globalized and it contains many more herbs and additional treatments.

I came across an interesting legend. In the Sushruta Samhita or as you may know it Sushruta’s Compendium, Sushruta explained that in the past, Hindu god of Ayurveda, Dhanvantari came to Earth as Varanasi king and taught one group of people the secrets of the medicine. Sushruta apparently was one of those people.

I also know that the medicine I am explaining is effective but there are no a lot of studies and medicine trials to prove that. It can help most people but not all, which is the main characteristic of alternative and ordinary medicine!

Gout and ayurvedic medicine – The specifics

Gout and ayurvedic medicine are linked and there are specialist providers who will use this type of alternative medicine to help you with gout and gout attacks. There are generally two types of treatments.

The first treatment is used to decrease the uric acid in the body and therefore decrease the overall risk for a gout attack. One of those herbs is Kokilaksha and it is primarily used for arthritis including gout.

Hygrophila Auriculata
Hygrophila Auriculata Plant with Flower with Selective Focus, It is a Medicinal Plant, in Indian known as Gokulakanta or Kokilaksha.

The second part of the treatment is called Dhanyamladhara and this isn’t the herb. What this means is that the fermented liquid is poured over the affected joint in a case of a gout attack. It should decrease inflammation. The alternative is Podikkizhi or a massage of the affected joint using an herbal powder. This method is very effective.

I must add that there are 3 additional treatments used. The first is Ilakkizhi, massaging the joint using herb oil. The second is Tailadhara pouring the medicated oil over the joint and the third treatment is Nhavarakkizhi which is basically rice massage of the joint.

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All of these treatments can be used together and they should decrease the uric acid in the body, relieve pain and also protect your joint from the next attack. It looks like gout and ayurvedic medicine are more connected than you may believe.

How to use ayurvedic medicine for treating gout

It is important to understand that there are providers who will take care of these treatments and help you with gout. It is also important to know that you, as an individual should not try these treatments at home.

If you really want and you don’t want expert help, you should start with Tailadhara and Nhavarakkizhi and then move to more complex methods such as Dhanyamladhara.

Gout and ayurvedic medicine can be mentioned in the same sentence and this is one of the treatments for gout. It is surprisingly helpful and can relieve pain and help you when you need the most help.

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