Febuxostat for Gout – Is It a Valuable Remedy?

febuxostat and gout

First of all, I know how painful a gout attack can be. In fact, I am having one as I write this. Don’t worry, I will still manage to provide all the facts you will need to know.

If you are new to this painful condition, you may want to learn a few basics. Urate or uric acid is a compound that is present in all humans. There is no way nor is it possible to completely eliminate it. However, 1/3 of the uric acid we can manage and decrease or increase (not something you will want to experience).

During a gout attack, uric acid level increases and it will form grit-style shape compound in the joint. This will irritate the tissue and cause swelling and pain. This is a gout attack.

There are all kinds of treatments out there and one commonly used these days is Febuxostat for gout. I will try to explain as much as possible regarding this medication and its properties.

What is Febuxostat?

Febuxostat is a xanthine-oxidase inhibitor type of medication and it is also known as Adenuric. It is designed and used to decrease the uric acid level in the blood. It comes in the form of tablets and taking is straightforward.

You need to take the tablets each day. The medication will not work during a gout attack but it will prevent the next one. As such, you should not stop taking it even if it seems not to work at the moment. The medication may need 6 months to become fully effective!

In some cases, this medication must not be taken. Your doctor know this better. The matter is especially important if you are a pregnant woman, if you are breastfeeding or if you suffer from heart disease to thyroid, liver or kidney disease.

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I personally advise you to start the treatment using allopurinol. It is also a gout medication but it is ‘’weaker’’ and comes without any side effects.

Some side effects of the Febuxostat are possible, but they are rare. This includes swelling around the mouth and face in general and skin rashes. As I have mentioned earlier, these symptoms are rare but possible.

Febuxostat for gout – Effects

Febuxostat has one sole purpose. It is to decrease the uric acid our body produces. The effects are average and you should not expect a miracle, but they do exist. Febuxostat for gout is a common treatment.

I must add that Febuxostat works only on the level of the uric acid the body generates during normal processes. It won’t affect nor has it to do anything with the 1/3 of the uric acid we get from the food and beverages.

That being said, the medication won’t affect the pain and it isn’t a painkiller. You may want to use additional medication during this treatment. Your doctor can prescribe you a painkiller that can be mixed with Febuxostat.

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Febuxostat for gout should be prescribed with gout sufferers suffering from common and severe attacks that don’t have other treatments available.

How to take Febuxostat

There are two sizes of the tables. They are 80 mg and 120 mg. A doctor will prescribe you the appropriate size but in 99% cases he will start with 80 grams and after 4 weeks, it will increase to 120 mg. This is absolutely mandatory.

To get the best results, take the tablet in the morning. Follow the instructions your doctor give you and don’t forget that the medication may need up to 6 months to start working.

Once the first results are noticed, you can be positive that the treatment is successful. This doesn’t mean you should stop taking the medication. Continue taking it as long as needed.

If at any moment you get a condition which I have mentioned earlier (heart disease, problems with kidneys or liver or thyroid), you should stop taking Febuxostat and schedule an appointment with your doctor.

The bottom line is that Febuxostat for gout is one of the most powerful treatments we have available and the one that will make sure the risk is much decreased. All you must remember is that it may need up to 6 months to work and this isn’t painkiller medication!

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