Weight Loss and Gout – Does Gout Go Away with Weight Loss?

weight loss and gout

I know that weight loss and gout are closely related due to the simple fact. When we are obese or overweight, we can trigger gout and gout attacks. This is something we don’t want and something that must be avoided at any cost. So, yes, obesity has a negative effect on gout and it should be sorted as soon as possible.

How and why weight affects gout?

It is important for me to explain that weight affects gout in a negative light. Let’s face it, when we are obese, we will weigh more, obviously. All of this means that we have a wrong diet, we don’t have a physical activity in our lives and we put additional stress on our body. Obesity is a huge issue for most people and it is the number one reason for developing numerous diseases and condition. Gout is just one of them.

The main issue can be divided into two parts. The first one is uric acid. There is no need for me to explain that uric acid, when higher than normal cause gout and gout attacks. Well, all of you who are obese or overweight already have a higher level of this acid, so the risk of gout or gout attack is increased as well. Weight loss and gout are mandatory to be paired, as you can understand now. There are millions of reasons why our weight affects the uric acid, but at the end of a day, it all refers to the volume of fluids and diet of our life.

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Physical stress on the joints

The second part of the story is actually physical stress on the joints, especially knees and feet. Obviously, they must withstand a great or increased load all the time, which has a negative effect on them and can trigger a gout attack. If we add a poor level of physical activity and once again a poor diet, we can deduce that overweight or obesity will have a chain reaction on gout.

At this moment, it is mandatory to calculate the ideal weight and to measure it. Yes, there are a lot of formulas you can use, but it is the simplest way to use the ideal weight calculator, a free software available online. Basically, you will have to enter your age, gender, and weight. All of these parameters are important and they have a huge effect on the ideal weight, so try to be honest. After you get an ideal number, measure your weight and see how much weight you must lose.

Ideal weight loss plan for gout sufferers

Of course, now you will want to know how to lose weight. There are dozens if not thousands of diet plans on the market and on the internet that will help you lose weight. Most of us, including me, tried the quickest method due to a simple fact. When we notice the results as soon as possible, we will gain more desire to lose more weight, simple. But, this type of a diet must be avoided at all cost. Quick weight loss diet must be taken out of the consideration by all gout sufferers.

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When we lose weight as soon as possible, we will increase the uric acid levels and therefore trigger a gout attack. This is something we all want to avoid, so it must be eliminated from our life. So, remember that the quickest diet isn’t the key solution. As a matter of fact, it is the main thing to avoid!

bowl full of fruit and almonds

The best diet is slow, well-balanced diet which will be based on fruits, vegetables, and a low meat intake. Add whole grains and medium or low amount of dairy products and you have a great diet after all. Keep in mind that alcohol must be avoided, sweets also and you will have to avoid purine-rich food.

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In a combination of time, this diet is the best you can use and it is the most effective. I would personally advise you to add physical activity to the equation. After all, it is a great addition to a diet and it will help you lose weight even more and even better. Of course, low-intensity exercises are the best and they should be considered first.

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Research regarding weight loss and gout

There have been a lot of researches regarding the matter, but at the end of a day, all you have to know is that losing weight will decrease the risk of gout and attacks. According to one study, people, men who lost 10 pounds of weight decreased the risk of gout for 40% which is impressive. Others who got 25 pounds of weight gain almost 200% higher risk of developing gout!

The research affects the ideal weight and the corresponding levels. Keep in mind that I have explained how to calculate the ideal weight and how to apply it to your lifestyle.

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Weight loss and gout are mandatory to keep in consideration if you want to protect yourself from this issue. Ideal weight is something that should be targeted and it will make a huge difference at the end of a day. Luckily, after all, it isn’t so difficult to have a proper diet and to keep an ideal weight for your body. It is easy and it is more than just beneficial for all of us, gout sufferers. So, start losing weight today.

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