Gout And Cholesterol – Are These Two Connected?

cholesterol and gout

Did you know that gout has been linked to countless other diseases and conditions? At first sight, it looks like a minor condition that we can manage and live with, but the truth is slightly different.

Gout occurs when your body doesn’t work properly in some processes. It is the direct product of a high uric acid level humans can usually eliminate from the body. When a body is unable to do this, gout occurs.

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So, what about gout and cholesterol? Yes, they are linked, but the actual matter is very complicated so I will need plenty of time to explain it. At this point, all I can say is that all gout sufferers should monitor their uric acid level and also cholesterol levels.

What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a type of fat our body needs. Many of us believed that it comes from the food we eat. However, our body produces cholesterol due to the fact it is used for developing Vitamin D, hormones and also to build cell membranes.

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The cholesterol is oil-based while human blood is water-based. As you can see, these two don’t mix well and they should be divided in any sentence. More importantly, not all cholesterol is the same!

There are two main types. The first one is low-density lipoprotein or LDL cholesterol and it is known as bad cholesterol that will deposit inside the arteries and clog them. When the blood flow is decreased and the arteries are clogged, we have a condition called atherosclerosis.

The second type is good cholesterol or HDL, which refers to high-density lipoprotein. It actually fights the bad cholesterol and keeps its level at precise requirements. As you can assume, you do need a much higher amount of HDL cholesterol than LDL cholesterol.

Bad cholesterol is a well-known cause for heart disease and heart attack. It is mandatory to keep your cholesterol levels low (LDL) and to make sure you manage a diet plan that can help you do so.


The link between gout and cholesterol

As I have mentioned already, gout and cholesterol are linked. There are countless studies that have confirmed this, but all of them didn’t discover why this happens. That’s why I won’t waste your time explaining the studies.

However, it is known that gout can increase the level of bad cholesterol significantly and it can also increase the lipid level! In simple words, uric acid affects bad cholesterol and it can have several other complications such as atherosclerosis and many more.

Gout has been linked with a syndrome X which is the old name of the condition. The new name is metabolic syndrome and I will explain that link in a separate post.

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Metabolic syndrome occurs when high uric acid levels affect the cholesterol significantly, hypertension occurs and obesity. Only when all of the three are present, we have the syndrome in question.

What you can do?

Hold your horses, there is still hope. First of all, the aforementioned issue occurs rarely and it isn’t something you need to worry about. Gout and cholesterol are linked, but you can manage both of them.

What’s important is that you need LDL cholesterol level under 100 mg/dl at all times. HDL should be around 60 mg/dl or higher. You can manage both of these by using the same routine.

First of all, you do need more healthy food. Fruits, vegetables, and seeds are the first and the most important addition you need to add to your lifestyle. Eat them as often as possible, and you will manage cholesterol levels better.

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Avoid meat, processed foods and also sweets. They can help you gain weight which is one of the three issues of metabolic syndrome. Last but not least, make sure to have plenty of physical activity. Running and riding a bike are the best options but you can do anything that makes you happy.

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When following all of the above, you can effectively manage gout and cholesterol and make sure you are in a perfect health. It looks simple after all. Just make sure that you stay on the right path as long as possible and never lose hope.

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