Gout And Metabolic Syndrome – How Are These Two Connected?

metabolic syndrome and gout

The realm of gout is more and more complicated every single day. Scientists and doctors are continually discovering new things and new correlations that are more and more complicated but at the same time more interesting.

As a gout sufferer, I am trying to discover as many of these as possible and to adapt. For example, some studies have proved that cholesterol is linked to gout, which wasn’t known a while back. Others are still discovering new links.

One of the most important links has to be between gout and metabolic syndrome. This is a bit more complicated topic. First of all, many of us have never heard of this syndrome. Now, you are going to learn that it has a direct link with gout. So, let’s begin from the beginning.

Metabolic syndrome basics

I must explain what metabolic syndrome is before we can move to the next section. This isn’t one condition but rather a set of several ones. It was known as syndrome X but the new name is as you can see.

Metabolic syndrome is a mixture of high blood pressure, excess body fat, especially around your waist, very high cholesterol levels and also high blood sugar. Having just one of these conditions doesn’t mean you have the syndrome in question.

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This syndrome occurs when a person has 3 or more of the above. For example, if you are obese, you have high blood pressure and also high blood sugar levels you may suffer from metabolic syndrome.

It is a very common condition and it is estimated that 1/3 of the population of the United States has it. I am referring to adults only! According to the latest figures, it looks like the syndrome is in increase and more and more people are suffering from it.

fruit and vegetables

The syndrome itself extremely dangerous. But, it can affect other, more severe conditions and diseases appear such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes type 2. The only thing scientists have found is a cure for metabolic syndrome.

Luckily Mother Nature has a few secrets. Aggressive changes to the lifestyle which include adding a better diet (fruits and veggies) and adding physical activity can have a huge, positive effect and they can even eliminate the risk of diabetes, heart attack, etc.

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Gout and metabolic syndrome connection

Yes, gout and metabolic syndrome are connected and the real story is confusing. These two have been tested countless times and scientists have discovered that there is a link.

The sad truth is that gout will occur 5 times more frequently in people with gout than in those without the condition. The only link I have discovered is between cholesterol and gout.

Uric acid affects cholesterol which is then responsible for obesity and high-fat level. This also contributes to high blood levels and also for high blood pressure. All combined, it seems like uric acid is indirectly linked to metabolic syndrome.

The detailed explanation of why and how this happens is still unknown and there are no studies or researches that can explain it.

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What can you do?

If you are worried about gout and metabolic syndrome, there is one good thing. Both conditions can be treated and managed using the same method. As some of you may assume, it is a proper diet and adding physical activity.

I know, this sounds familiar and I have stated the same fact many, many times, but the sad truth is that you can only use these things to manage metabolic syndrome and at the same time to manage gout.

A proper diet will keep the uric acid level at control. You will remove bad cholesterol and therefore you won’t get obese, which means other issues won’t affect you in the first place. As such, you won’t develop metabolic syndrome. If you have it, then doing the same thing can prevent more dangerous conditions! Gout and metabolic syndrome are linked but they can be managed with a proper diet and physical activity. It isn’t an extremely dangerous connection, but it does affect many gout sufferers so you should prepare for it. Leading a healthy lifestyle can be the best prevention.

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