Plantar Fasciitis Vs Gout – How These Two Are Related?

plantar fasciitis and gout

Plantar fasciitis and gout are truly related and now I will explain how. At the moment, all you have to know is that plantar fasciitis is commonly known as heel pain and it can have a huge negative effect on your lifestyle. It is a huge issue which can cause plenty of pain. I know, because I suffered from it.

Plantar fasciitis vs gout

Heel pain or if you want plantar fasciitis is an issue which is defined as the inflammation of the plantar fasciitis. It can use you to stop playing a favorite sport or even to walk, simply because it is more painful than most other complications. It can be caused by playing a specific sport too much, running more than you should or gout. The purpose of plantar fasciitis is to keep all the feet bones in position and to allow you safe motion. In addition, the most common cause of heel pain is actually uncomfortable footwear. If you have it, now is the right time to throw it away and get footwear that is just perfect for you.

shoes and plantar fasciitis

I will also add the fact that gout affects the appearance of the heel pain. Simply, the tissue of a person suffering from gout contains more fluids than usual, which will have a negative effect on the heel and the plantar fasciitis. Combined, they may cause heel pain. It refers or better said it is known as heel gout among gout patients, so don’t be confused if someone asks you about this term.

It is crucial to diagnose the condition properly. For that, you will have to visit a doctor. There he will examine the fluids in the joints and try to discover the presence of the uric acid crystals. If they are present, then gout is present as well. Sadly diagnosing gout in this case scenario is very difficult and it requires plenty of experience and dedication.

How to prevent heel pain

If you are looking for the best way to prevent the appearance of the heel pain, start looking at your shoes. It is crucial to know that inadequate pair of shoes will cause heel pain, eventually. You must do a proper research and discover which type of shoes suits you the best. In addition, you will have to consider changing the shoes more frequently. If they are worn for a longer period of time they will develop irregular shape which can cause multiple issues.

If you have a hard time finding the best shoes for you, then wear a custom-made insole. It can make a huge difference and it is a game changer when it comes to eliminating the risk of heel pain or gout.

All of you who exercise more than they should must consider this is a probable issue. You must decrease the exercising if you notice that your feet are painful or they have any of other symptoms linked to gout and heel pain.

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Epsom salt and apple cider vinegar

The last, but not least, gout sufferers should perform all of the actions I have just mentioned. Of course, they must not forget about their main condition, gout and they must know that gout and heel pain are more than just connected. Besides wearing adequate shoes, you will have to keep uric acid levels normal or as low as possible. There are many different methods for that. I, for example, use Epsom salt while taking a bath and consume apple cider vinegar daily. These are just some of many home remedies that can make a huge difference. Try to remember that home remedies are not a substitute for medications and you still must visit your doctor on a regular basis.

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epsom salt and apple cider vinegar

The final word

Now you know that plantar fasciitis and gout are connected, so should you worry? No, of course, you don’t. All you have to do is to follow the guidelines and instructions I explained here and you will be perfectly fine. If you use all of them, and you keep uric acid levels normal or as close to normal as possible, gout won’t be linked to heel pain. At least not in your case.

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