Eggs And Gout – Are Eggs Bad For Gout?

eggs and gout

Eggs are something we all eat daily or weekly. They are the main part of a diet for us many and they are beneficial in so many ways. Eggs and gout are something that deserves your full attention. As a gout sufferer, I must reveal that yes, you should consume them, but why?

Eggs are rich in ingredients we need

Eggs are not only delicious and easy to prepare, but they are also rich in all the nutrients we need. For example, they are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. The level of this nutrient presents in the egg depends on the chicken and how it was fed, or more accurately how much of this acid it has in its body before laying an egg. It doesn’t relate to how the egg was prepared. Scrambled or hard boiled, eggs are rich in this nutrient and they should be consumed.

But, eggs are also rich in protein and vitamin B. As a matter of fact, they contain all the types of this vitamin, starting with vitamin B1 and reaching B12. Furthermore, they are rich in choline, folic acid, and biotin. Folic acids reduce the levels of uric acid, so it is definitely an ingredient we need at least we, gout sufferers.

When it comes to the choline, I must add that all of us do need this nutrient. Women need around 425 mg of this nutrient, while men need around 500 mg per a day. One egg has 100 mg, so you can meet a bigger part of your daily requirement. Choline also has a positive effect on anti-inflammatory properties, on our heart and many other benefits, so it is more than just important for us. In addition, eggs are low in calories, so two eggs will have around 150-160 calories, which is low.

Keep in mind that eggs are rich in protein and fat, so don’t consume them daily in massive amounts. Yes, for most people this is the simplest meal to prepare, but they should be consumed with care.

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How many eggs per a week you need?

Eggs and gout are great when mixed together and they are essential for a proper health. The main fact to know is how many eggs you actually need per a day. I cannot reveal this because it depends on an individual matter. But, in general, you will need 3 to 4 eggs per a week. This amount of eggs is just perfect for all of us and it is more than just beneficial.

In essence, you will get all the benefits of the eggs and what they have to offer, but you won’t get any drawback of the fat levels eggs contain. Furthermore, eggs are great if you are planning to replace the red meat from your diet, which should be done as soon as possible. Red meat isn’t beneficial for us, gout sufferers and it can cause plenty of issues. Maybe eggs are not delicious as much as red meat, but they are more than just better option than the first meal here.

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In addition, eggs are low in purines, which is something that every single gout sufferer must know. We must avoid purine-rich foods and beverages, because they will increase the uric acid level and cause a gout attack, eventually. In general, eggs are so much better than most other foods and they are more than just beneficial. Period!

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I also must add that fat is the number one killer in the United States. Eggs are commonly consumed with bacon and meat, which is also something you should avoid. Combined, they will increase the level of bad cholesterol and they can cause severe issues. On the other hand, when you boil your eggs, they will increase the good cholesterol, so this is the best alternative you can have at the moment.

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Pasture-raised is the next term you must understand

When it comes to purchasing the eggs, there is something you must know as well. Purchasing ordinary eggs in a grocery shop won’t be very beneficial. First of all, these eggs are older than usual. Then, they are commonly obtained from massive farms where chicken are raised in the cages!

The key fact here is to look for pasture-raised chicken and the eggs. This means that those chickens are raised freely in nature. As such, their eggs are much better, healthier and they are far more beneficial than any other type of the eggs out there. I will also add that this means those eggs contain the lowest amount of ingredients and chemicals you don’t want in an egg, so they are the best option.

The best way to obtain them is to look for a local farmer who will sell you the eggs directly. Here you will notice that these eggs are also the first choice of the farmers, so now you can understand why.

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raw eggs

The final word

Eggs and gout are great when paired combined. They are so beneficial and healthier than any other type of food you can get at the moment. Add the fact that they are easy to prepare and they will provide you so many benefits. I personally like them and I know how much they are beneficial for my gout. I keep in mind that boiled eggs are the best alternative due to the fact they have the highest level of healthy nutrients and they are the most beneficial in so many ways. Don’t forget that eggs obtained from pasture-raised chickens are the best option as well.

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