Gout And Erectile Dysfunction – Can Gout Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

erectile disfunction and gout

Gout is probably one of the most painful conditions out there and sadly, it is one of those we must live with it. Yes, it makes this harder for us and I know the full story behind this lifestyle. It isn’t something we can choose but it is something we can affect.

I must begin with the obvious. All gout sufferers must lead a lifestyle in which they keep the level of uric acid as low as possible. Any buildup will refer to the gout attack and this is something we all want to avoid.

If we add erectile dysfunction to the scenario, we can end up with a life that is living hell, simply said. Gout and erectile dysfunction have been linked in several studies and there are plenty of new ones that will hit the web any time soon. Here I will discuss the correlation between the two.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which a man cannot have an erection or has problems maintaining it. It can happen to every person and there are almost countless reasons for it.

Some of the most common reasons why it happens is obesity, problems with hormones and also problems with depression and anxiety. It is a well-known fact that antidepressants can cause this issue in some situations.

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I must also add that aging can cause it and it can progress with ages. However, most cases can be treated and this issue can be eliminated from the life. This isn’t something I can say for gout.

Can gout cause erectile dysfunction?

Yes, these two conditions are connected and there are countless studies that prove the claim. The most detailed one was published in 2017 Annual European Congress on Rheumatology and it clearly proved that gout sufferers have 29% higher risk of developing erectile dysfunction at some point in their life.

The real link comes from uric acid. We know that it causes gout and gout attacks, but it can also cause microvascular disease, endothelial dysfunction, and high blood pressure or hypertension.

Another link comes in the connection between uric acid and a condition that is known as endothelial dysfunction. Here we can see that uric acid will cause endothelium, a soft tissue that lines all the blood vessels in the body to cause abnormalities that can cause irregular blood flow. This tissue is present in the penis as well, which is directly linked to erectile dysfunction.

Stress and vitamin D deficiency

Gout and erectile dysfunction are linked in one more way. I know that gout cause stress and also vitamin D deficiency. When this happens, erectile dysfunction is far more likely to occur.

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Sadly, if you have both conditions you cannot use Viagra to treat the ED. The reason for that is that Viagra has side effects which affect all of us, gout sufferers. It can cause thirst and dehydration which then can increase the buildup of uric acid and we all know what this means.

If you suffer from both conditions, you will have to visit a doctor and you will have to change your lifestyle. Only then you can expect things to get better. There is not a single pill that can make erectile dysfunction go away.

What to do if you have gout and erectile dysfunction?

If you have gout and erectile dysfunction, you can do one of the things. The first one is to treat the ED only. Most medications and most causes can actually be taken even if you suffer from gout. For example, if hypertension is the cause of your ED, you will need to change the diet and to take medications that will treat it. At that moment, ED can become a thing of the past.

The second common method is to change your lifestyle, something I have mentioned above. What this means is that you should consume more fruits and vegetables, those that comply with gout diet rules. Add physical activity to the scenario and you will notice improvements.

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The goal is that you need treatment for ED but you must point out to your doctor that you suffer from gout. Only then he is able to give you proper treatment and help you with both issues. Gout and erectile dysfunction cannot be treated at the same time.

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