Sugar, Fructose And Gout – Does Sugar Cause Gout?

Sugar and Gout

Searching the internet will reveal so many details and articles regarding sugar and gout. What’s the main issue here is that most of those sources are not completely focused on answering the correlation between gout and sugar. There are also different types of sugar and some nations consume more of it than the others.

An interesting fact is that sugar and gout are connected. Keep in mind that an average American will consume 134 grams of fructose daily! This is the main reason why 1 of 4 people here suffers from type 2 diabetes. Another interesting fact is that the sugar consumption has been increasing. In the 1700s, people consumed 4 pounds, in 1800s 18 pounds and in 1900s impressive 90 pounds per a year! Nowadays, we consume more than 180 pounds of sugar per a year!

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Does sugar cause gout?

I know that there are a lot of studies and researches regarding the matter, but the most impressive one is conducted in Boston. Scientists used 46.000 men who never had gout or this disease was not part of their family history and monitor the effect of sugar on the gout development. Obviously, they were focused on the diet and beverage consumption and calculated the exact amount of sugar intake.

The results were impressive, especially if I tell you that the study lasted 12 years. They discovered that people who consumed soft beverages 5-6 times per a week had 25% higher odds of developing gout. Those who consumed 2-3 soft beverages daily, had the same risk increased by 85%!

The same study didn’t discover any correlation between diet beverages and gout. This means that you can consume them as much as you like. They are harmless.

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Fructose and gout

On the other hand, we have fructose, a sugar that comes from the fruit. We all know that fruits are harmless as well and the fruit juice is harmless for gout sufferers and those who don’t want to become one. Well, all of you are wrong. Fruit juice is actually more dangerous than consuming too much fruit. In general, an average amount of fruit daily is harmless and actually recommended. On the other part of the story, we have fruit juice which must be avoided. Keep in mind that when you consume fruit, you also get a lot of additional benefits for your health.

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What should you do as a gout sufferer?

The main thing to consider is that if the fructose intake is limited, your odds of developing gout or a gout attack will be decreased. In order to achieve that, you will have to limit the fructose intake by 25 mg per a day. Now, there are two additional facts I must share with you.

The first one is that fructose is present in almost any food available today. You must look for the labels and the sugar or fructose section. You will also have to keep track of the intake daily, just to be sure. Fruit, fruit juices, as I have previously mentioned also contain a lot of sugar so they should be limited as well.

The second main thing is the fact your fruit consumption should be limited. You will have to have a daily intake of fructose from fruits only of 15 mg. This is important due to obvious reasons. If you consume plenty of fruit, you are likely to pass the barrier and consume more than you should. Then I must add the fact you will also get a higher intake from other food sources, probably and you will significantly increase the daily intake of 25mg to 40-50mg.

Because you are a gout sufferer or you have higher chances to become one, you must pay attention to the aforementioned matter. Your body is more affected and more sensitive when it comes to uric acid levels. That’s why you should pay close attention to the sugar intake.

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strawberry juice


From the recommended daily intake, sugar and gout won’t be linked. This means that you can consume fruits, fruit juices, and beverages of any kind, but in moderation. Post a comment below if you want to know more. I will answer as soon as possible.

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