Gout and Food Portions – Will Limiting the Food Help You with Gout?

food portions and gout

Some of you will know that I believe a diet is the best weapon in fighting gout. You can see the similar or the same opinion all over the globe and it is common these days due to one main reason. It works.

A proper diet can decrease the risk of spiking the uric acid level and causing a gout attack, which is something you definitely don’t want to occur. Some diets are beneficial for us, gout sufferers, while others have a negative impact.

I know that most of you don’t follow a strict diet plan. If you are one of them, you will need to consider gout and food portions. It is extremely important and I will explain why and which foods you need to limit or decrease.

Facts you need to know about food portions

A while back people thought that gout is a disease that affects wealthy people only. After all, they were able to afford delicious meat and they were the most affected by it. Then we had a time when it was believed that gout is a side effect of alcoholism.

Today we know the truth. Gout just happens and there are no a lot of things you can do to avoid it. However, there are a few. By managing your portions and by being able to eat food that is safe for gout, you can have a decent life quality.

Most foods these days, you can buy come in too big packages. They are effective for companies simply because they sell more food. On the other side, we can see the negative impact on gout sufferers.

Eating too much will make your body work more than it should. You will spike the levels of various chemicals and compounds and you will need more fluid to remove from the body. This makes gout more pronounced because the body is unable to remove all the toxins which can trigger a gout attack in the first place.

The best example is when you are at a restaurant. You will order the main meal and you will get side foods that will add fat and grease to the meal overall. In return, you can gain weight and your kidneys will function slower meaning uric acid will rise. But, when you limit portions, you will avoid this issue.

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food portions

Gout and food portions link

The first thing I must say is that there is a clear link between gout and food portions. Without carefully divided portions, you will have much higher food and calorie intake than you need. You will ingest more toxins and chemicals you need to limit or avoid completely.

On the other side, we have controlled food portions. When you follow this rule, you will have a precise calorie intake for each meal. This allows you to adjust and optimize your diet.

Furthermore, we can see that by using portion control, you can decrease or increase compounds you do need. For example, you need to keep purines under control. A balanced portion can help you do precisely this. In order words, you will eat less food that is rich in purines.

How and which portions you need to limit?

Now when you know that gout and food portions are linked, let me explain which portions need to be limited or controlled.

You will want to avoid organ meat and alcohol as much as possible. Yes, you can limit them but a much better option is to eliminate them from your diet completely. The situation is the same with processed juices that contain fructose.

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In order to control the food portions, you must not skip a meal. This will make you eat much more on the next meal. Get a smaller plate. It may sound weird or strange, but this is a trick that has been included in many diets and is very effective. By managing food we ingest, we can live a much better life without the risk of gout attacks every day. You saw the complete connection between gout and food portions and all you have to remember is you should start today and use this simple guide forever.

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