Sweets and Gout – Can Sweets Trigget Gout?

sweets and gout

A gout diet is the most important thing you can do to manage the condition. A proper one will help you be at a lower risk from a gout attack while a ‘’bad ‘’ diet will cause more attacks than you may believe.

Not all diets are the same. Some even come with benefits and advantages that will protect you more and help you managing uric acid level. Others are neutral and don’t have any effect. The third will do the opposite!

Sadly, there is no single diet that can be defined in one word. It depends on all the ingredients you consume in that diet and there are countless variations. But, all diets will have some instructions regarding sweets.

Gout and sweets have been tested and analyzed in many studies and many health experts share the same opinion. So, what’s my opinion? Let’s find out.

Why are sweets considered as unhealthy food?

There are several explanations for that. First of all, sweets contain too much sugar than we need. In modern times people consume almost 100 times more sugar per year than they did 80 years ago. Too much sugar can cause heart disease, diabetes, obesity and so much more.

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Many sweets contain artificial sweeteners which are far from healthy. They are cheap to us and this is the main reason why manufacturers use them in the first place. They also have been linked to various conditions and diseases.

Sweets have plenty of calories, making them ideal thing if you want to gain weight. If you want to lose weight, they are must avoid food!

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One, an interesting drawback is the number of sweets we eat. They are obviously sweet and enjoyable but this means we cannot stop eating them after a few minutes. We will eat whole chocolate instead of a small piece.

Many of you can already imagine the link between gout and sweets. In reality, it isn’t straightforward.


Can you eat sweets if you have gout?

The answer is yes, you can but only in moderation. Gout and sweets can be mixed and you won’t get a huge, negative impact on your condition. However, there are plenty of issues that are bad and should be avoided.

Sweets usually won’t affect the level of uric acid. They won’t affect absorption and removal from the body either. When consumed in moderation, they are perfectly safe and all gout suffers can enjoy a slice of cake or any other sweet.

If you consume sweets too much, for a long period of time you are at a much higher risk of gaining weight. Gout sufferers must not be obese due to the fact their ability to remove excess uric acid will be compromised. The metabolism will be slower as well.

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The body will produce more uric acid and therefore a risk of a gout attack is, much higher on a daily basis. There is no need to mention and explain all the other issues and drawbacks. I believe you know about them.

Look for fructose corn syrup. It is a part of some sweets and some foods that have a direct link to gout. It can increase uric acid level extremely high and we all know what this means. The syrup is found in many sweets, processed foods, and pre-packaged foods as well.

Gout and sweets can be mixed but the corn syrup must be avoided. This is the simplest explanation I can give to you.

Which sweets to eat and how much?

Basically, you can consume a dessert occasionally and there won’t be any issues. You can enjoy a slice of cake with your friends or when having a party. The situation is the same with all sweets. In moderation, they are not bad for you.

The only difference is when it comes to fructose corn syrup. You will have to check the packaging on the product you want to consume and make sure this compound isn’t present. You can see it in soda, sweetened yogurt, canned fruit, bread and etc.

The bottom line is that gout and sweets can be mixed in moderation. Try to eat as less of the sweets as possible. They are not bad but they are not good for your body either.

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