Gout and Exercise – Does Exercise Help Gout?

exercise and gout

You probably won’t believe if I told you that gout and exercise must be paired in the same lifespan. After all, you are in pain, so why exercising? Keep in mind that exercising is more than just important for all of us, gout sufferers, so it is something that must be taken into account.

Does exercise help gout?

As I have said, gout and exercise must be paired together as soon as possible. If you are not exercising, you will have poor strength bones, muscles and etc. This all affects joints and it makes them more vulnerable than usual. Yes, you are in pain and you don’t feel like exercising, but this is something you must do. Of course, there are different exercises that gout sufferers should use, so it is important to use them only.

The only time when you must not exercise is when you are under a gout attack. In this case scenario, your joints are inflamed, so additional stress will not do any good. As a matter of fact, you will make the overall situation even worse and you can make the pain unbearable! So yes, you must exercise daily, but only when you are free of a gout attack.

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I must add that not exercising will increase the uric acid levels, which is something we all must avoid, as we know it. On the other hand, exercising will reduce the uric acid levels, so it is more than just beneficial. In addition, exercising is beneficial for your heart, lungs, muscles, joints, and bones. In essence, it is beneficial for the entire body and mind.

If you don’t believe me, you should know that there was a study which proved that men who ran 5 miles per a day had 50% fewer chances to get a gout attack. This is definitely something you will have to consider and to remember. The bottom line here is to know that exercising is beneficial for all gout sufferers, not something that should be avoided.

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4 categories of ideal exercises for gout sufferers

Yes, there are a lot of different exercises which should be taken into consideration, but all of them can be divided into 4 categories. Keep in mind that it is important to implement all of them into your exercising, so not one kind or two!

1. Range of motion

This is the first type of exercises you will have to add to your lifestyle and the most beneficial one. It generally will reduce the stiffness of your joints and make them stronger and more flexible. All of this means that you will be immune to a gout attack and you will have joints in a better condition. The exercises include rotating the head, feet or other limbs in a circular motion a few times per a day.

range of motion

2. Strength exercising

All of these exercises are based on weights. You will have to develop your muscles, in order to make your joints stronger, so keep that in mind. Yes, you can perform these exercises back at home. All you need are weights. I must add that extreme exercising with the use of supplements isn’t a wise choice to make. They may have a negative effect on the uric acid levels and you still have sensitive joints, so avoid them. I will personally like to remind you that yoga is more than just beneficial in this case scenario. You definitely should try it.

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strength exercising

3. Endurance exercises

Endurance exercises are more than just ideal as well. Basically, they have a huge effect on the cardiovascular system, so they will promote circulation, they will keep your heart in great shape and they will also have additional benefits. These benefits include slow but constant stamina improvement and they will make you feel better. Yes, these exercises do require the highest amount of time for you, but they are essential and they must be used. Don’t forget that running, jogging are great, but swimming is probably the best exercise of them all, due to the fact it uses muscles which are normally inactive.


4. Stretching exercises

As you all know these are the simplest exercises of them all. Basically, you will have to stretch your muscles and your limbs and you will get certain benefits. Once again, yoga is ideal for this type of exercising. It is also advised to use these exercises early in the morning, as soon as you wake up. In essence, the benefits you will get are better mood, but it will last for 12 hours!

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 stretching muscles

Now when you know which exercises are recommended, you will have to know how and how frequently you will have to exercise. In general, you must exercise 30 minutes per a session. Everything under that is less beneficial and less useful! Try to incorporate all the exercises in one, dividing them into 5-10 minute intervals. By doing this, you also get a better stamina improvement and the endurance I have explained earlier. Now, exercise 3-5 days a week in order to get the best benefits.

It is important to add that you should have a consultation with your doctor. He will know which phase and how affected your joints are by gout, so he will help you choose the best exercise for you. I would like to add that a diet should be improved as well. Add fruits and vegetables to your diet in order to get healthy nutrients which will be needed when exercising.

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Still, believe that gout and exercise are not great when mixed? In simple word, these two must be mixed. You will get benefits and benefits only from a regular exercising and you will enjoy it. There are a lot of additional body improvements and health advantages which will be available to you as soon as you start exercising. At the end of a day, exercising is more than just a great way to make your life better and to start looking it brighter than ever before.

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