Vitamin D And Gout – Is Vitamin D Good For Gout?

vitamin d and gout

We all know that some vitamins are related to gout and gout attacks, but what about vitamin D? As a matter of fact, I know that vitamin D and gout are more than just related and this vitamin has a huge effect on the overall health of us, gout sufferers and on the gout development! Do you need a higher level of vitamin D? The answer is probably yes.

What is vitamin D?

This is one of the vitamins our body gets in the most difficult way. It isn’t as much present in the food and beverages as other vitamins and we actually get it from the sun. Yes, sun rays penetrate our skin and promote the vitamin D production. It is essential that we spend at least 10 – 15 minutes per a day in the sun, in order to get the needed levels of this vitamin. It is also known that people who live in Northern parts of the globe have a higher risk of developing gout, precisely due to this reason.

Vitamin D is essential for our bones. All gout sufferers know that over time this issue can weaken our bones and muscles. Vitamin D will promote the calcium and phosphorus absorption of the bones, so it will maintain them in a proper health. Furthermore, this vitamin has been linked to a lower risk of heart attack to better sleep and lower risk of kidney stone. In addition, it has been linked to the uric acid levels as well.

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I mentioned that vitamin D isn’t present in the food. As a matter of fact, only salmon and tuna have a low level of this vitamin. There is also a low number of vitamin D supplements, so the only way to get it is to spend more time exposed to the sun rays!

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Salmon and tuna provide vitamin D as well.

Is vitamin D good for gout?

There have been plenty of studies which proved that vitamin D and gout are linked together. For example, one study discovered that people are more likely to develop arthritis if their vitamin D levels are low. As such, the most common time of the year when gout is the most common as well is spring. During this time of the year, levels of the vitamin D are the lowest.

The second study discovered that levels of the uric acids are significantly higher among people where vitamin D3 is present in lower amounts than usual.

In general, there have been conducted three more studies which all proved that different types of arthritis and gout are linked to the lower amounts of vitamin D. As a matter of fact, people with lower levels of this vitamin are 5 times more likely to develop some type of arthritis.

Importance of vitamin D

And yes, I mentioned only the most important studies which have been conducted all over the globe. There have been dozens of other studies and researches but all of them discovered the same thing. Vitamin D is essential for your health, or better said for your protection from gout and different types of arthritis. This vitamin is probably the most important type of vitamin our body needs to protect itself from these diseases.

I must add that vitamin D is essential for protecting kidneys, heart, preventing inflammation and gingivitis. As such, it is something you will have to consider even if you are not a gout sufferer. If you are, then this vitamin is even more important for you and it is definitely something to consider starting from today.

There will be plenty of additional studies and researches regarding gout and vitamin D, but at this moment, there is no any information regarding the matter. Scientists still don’t know how actually this vitamin affects the human body when it comes to gout.

Do you need vitamin D supplement?

I have mentioned that vitamin D is almost unavailable from the diet. Only salmon and tuna have it and even these foods contain it in extremely low amounts. The only alternative is the vitamin D supplement. This is the safest and the most productive way to get plenty of vitamin D in your body. There is no other alternative unless you live in a country where summer lasts 10 months.

People or better said primary gout sufferers who live in areas where temperatures are low, meaning that the sun rays may be difficult to get, must consume vitamin D supplement. This supplement comes in 400 and 1000UI. I must add that you must not have a daily intake of more than 2000UI! Only if your doctor recommended you a higher amount, you can follow his instructions.

Vitamin D supplements are safe to use, they are easy to get and they are definitely beneficial for all gout sufferers. For primary sufferers, they will reduce the risk of developing this disease. For secondary sufferers, they will reduce the risk of gout attacks and make the life quality much better. Taking them is simple and I don’t have to explain it. Basically, you will take 1-2 tablets per a day and that’s it. Side effects of these supplements don’t exist, so they are safe, as I have already mentioned.

The final word

Vitamin D and gout are more linked than you may believe. These two things are literally mandatory to completely understand. First of all, vitamin D can help you prevent gout from occurring in a first place, then it will help you reduce the pain caused by gout attacks and it will reduce their frequency. In a nutshell, vitamin D is essential or better said a key element to consider if you are in danger of gout or you are like me, a sufferer. I must repeat that those people who live in areas where daily temperatures are lower than usual and there is not enough sunlight must consume vitamin D supplements. They are the only way to get the levels of this vitamin human body actually needs.

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