Smoking And Gout – Can Smoking Make Gout Worse?

smoking and gout

Can smoking cause gout? The answer is complicated and it isn’t straightforward. Smoking and gout haven’t been included in many studies, but there are a lot of facts you should know. If you are a smoker, start reading this immediately. If you are planning to start smoking, don’t!

Smoking and gout

Smoking doesn’t directly cause gout, but it is known that cigarettes will increase the risk of uric acid, literally increasing the risk of developing gout as well. Then I must add that smoking will restrict the blood flow in your body by 50% for 1 hour after you have smoked a cigarette. This means that your body will be eliminated by removing the chemicals and toxins from itself.

In a nutshell, after you have smoked a cigarette, your arteries will be only 50% efficient, meaning that the uric acid will start to increase. But, we have one, even more, concerning the matter. Smoking will affect your lungs obviously. They will start working with a much lower efficiency than usual, so you will again be at a higher risk of developing gout.

All of this applies to marihuana as well. Basically, there are many same or similar toxins in both of them, so they have a negative effect on all organs same as smoking. Furthermore, smokers are unable to have the same nutrient intake as non-smokers. The issue lies in the reduced ability to absorb them from the food, so they need to eat more and need larger servings in general. I must add that if you are a smoker, you will need to consume food with higher levels of vitamin C.

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Interesting studies

There have been several studies I know of which were focused on the relations between smoking and gout. In essence, the link has been more than just strong and severe if we take into account rheumatoid arthritis and smoking. This type of arthritis affects the joints and the surrounding tissue and it has severe side effects on the overall health.

The first study was conducted in Japan and it discovered that the relations between the mentioned type of arthritis and smoking are severe. Basically, those who are smokers have a much higher chance of developing this disease.

The second study has been conducted in the United States and it lasted since 1986. The first results were published back in 2010. The study involved more than 30.000 women all aged 55-69. What they discovered that smokers are at a much higher risk of developing gout or some other type of arthritis than non-smokers. In addition, former smokers have a less risk of developing this issue than current smokers.

As you can see, smoking is literally linked to gout. It doesn’t affect it directly, but rather indirectly. Regardless of the fact, smoking can cause severe issues affecting the joints and it should be avoided. In addition, non-smokers have fewer chances of developing any type of arthritis, so if you are planning to protect yourself and your body, now is the right time to stop smoking.

For us, gout sufferers, I must add that smoking is definitely something to avoid. It will have a negative effect or better said dozens of negative effects on the overall health which will be severely affected. As such we will be more prone to gout forming or gout attacks after that.

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Another issue to consider: Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea isn’t a severe issue, but for us, gout sufferers it is. Basically, your body will need more oxygen during sleep. The issue literally means that you suffer from shortness of breath while sleeping.

For most people, this isn’t a huge matter, but the condition will reduce the number of air in the body and force the cells to die and release uric acids! I must add that higher levels of uric acids mean that the higher risk of gout attacks, as you already know.

When the levels of uric acids are significantly increased, the gout attack will occur eventually. Now, smoking is the main reason for sleep apnea, so this is the main reason why I mentioned this matter regarding gout and smoking. Keep in mind that sleep apnea must be treated as well, but the first step is to stop smoking as soon as possible.

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sleep apnea


Smoking and gout are connected and you should be worried if you are a smoker. If you are a former smoker, the risk is already eliminated. But, for current, smokers, stop smoking as soon as possible. This addiction will cause you nothing but harm, and consider that you already suffer from gout. The risk of gout attacks and additional attacks will be more than just elevated. On the other side of the story, there is nothing beneficial regarding smoking.

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