Gout and Vegetarian Diet – Is It the Ultimate Diet?

vegetarian diet and gout

I constantly get questions related to which diets are the best for gout and which have proved to work the best. I also get a lot of questions about which types of food are mandatory, which are the worse and so much more.

That’s why I have decided to explain all of this in one post. It may be a bit longer than usual, but it will provide the real answers I have developed over the years. Some of the secrets may help you fight gout in a completely different light.

The main accent here is gout and vegetarian diet correlation. Yes, there is one and there are a lot of details I must specify and explain. Without further ado, let’s begin.

What is a vegetarian diet?

A vegetarian diet is a special type of diet in which a person will not consume animal meat. There are many variations and all of them have the same foundation but different levels of complexity. For instance, some vegetarian diets allow you to consume eggs and fish. Others don’t.

Keep in mind that vegan and vegetarian diets are not the same. A vegetarian will avoid animal meat and in some cases, most of the animal products.

A vegan diet eliminates all the foods that are associated with animal and most of the vegans do not use products that are tested on animals. We can say as the ultimate version of a vegetarian diet that has countless differences.

Some people are vegetarians due to religious reasons, others for health reasons and some from ethical reasons. It doesn’t really matter, but I am primarily focused on health reasons. We all know that being vegetarian is a healthy type of diet.

vegetarian dish

Gout and a vegetarian diet – The correlation and the connection

As you already know simply because I have explained this matter countless times, purines are the main cause of gout. It is an indirect cause but a cause nonetheless. Purines affect the uric acid which forms the crystals in the joint that cause 3-10 days of pain! To understand gout and vegetarian diet, you need to know that not all purines are the same.

There are two main types. The first type comes from meat, especially organ meat and these are to avoid. They have a massive, negative effect on the uric acid level and they can cause gout and a gout attack.

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The second type of purines are those that are found in plants. They are much safer and they actually do not affect the uric acid level. As you can assume, they are much safer to consume and they can be a remedy.

Other foods from plants do have purines but they also have ingredients like vitamin C and fiber which limit the effect of the purines on the uric acid. You can still consume them and they are perfectly fine.

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A vegetarian diet is also alkalizing and what this basically means is that the acidity will be decreased. You will have fewer acids in the body. There was a study in which one group of people were in western diets while the second group was vegetarians.

The study lasted several weeks and scientists have proved that those on a vegetarian diet decreased their level of uric acid by 93% which is massive. Gout and vegetarian diet can coexist perfectly.

How to become a vegetarian?

By now it is clear that if you are a gout sufferer, a vegetarian diet is a thing to use. You will feel better and you will be in a much lower risk of developing painful attacks.

The key is transition. You need to take things slow and you must start by adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet. At the same time, decrease meat consumption and decrease junk food. At this point do not stop with the eggs and fish.

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After 3 weeks, start removing fish from your diet if you eat it. We all know that fish is bad for gout! Increase the vegetable-based meals and you will be on the right path. Gout and a vegetarian diet are something each sufferer must remember and know. This is the best diet for gout and it has a wonderful effect on gout and on human health in general. The next best part. It is extremely simple to follow.

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