Beetroot and Gout – Is Beetroot Good for Gout?

beetroot and gout

Many of you who have been researching regarding gout and the foods they can eat have discovered the same thing. Usually, healthy foods are beneficial for gout sufferers and those foods can manage pain, decrease the risk of developing gout in the first place and so much more.

I must say that this is the case with 98% of the foods out there. It is true. If you eat healthy foods such as fruit and vegetables, you are at a lower risk of getting a gout attack.

However, this isn’t always the case. This issue occurs in 2% of the foods and it is actually hard to discover. This brings us to beetroot and gout and their connection.

Are the beetroots safe and healthy?

Yes, beetroot is a safe and healthy food to eat and you can get all sorts of benefits from them. Keep in mind that I am referring to people who do not suffer from gout. The next section will be devoted to beetroot and gout completely.

Beetroots are loaded with folate and also with betaine. These compounds are beneficial because they decrease the level of homocysteine and therefore decrease the risk of heart disease.

Beetroots are beneficial for your eyesight as well. This is possible thanks to a compound known as lutein. They can help you maintain eyesight for a longer period of time and prevent degradation among seniors.

Beets also decrease the risk of dementia and constipation. Another main advantage is that they increase endurance, especially if you work out. For this benefit, you will need to mix beet juice with apple juice. The benefits are obvious and instantly noticed.

In a nutshell, beets are very healthy and important food most people like. Those who exercise and seniors will find the food even more beneficial.


Is beetroot good for gout?

You should avoid eating beetroot. Although beets are healthy, they have been paired with several health risks and all of them are linked to gout.

First of all, beets can cause gout. It isn’t completely clear how and why this happens but I believe that they increase uric acid level over time and decrease the ability of the body to remove uric acid.

Beets can also cause small crystals to form in the kidneys. This happens due to the presence of oxalates. When small crystals are formed, they can only get bigger over time and you will end up with kidney stones.

It is crucial for all gout suffers to avoid any action or food or beverage that can contribute to this. Kidney stones can decrease kidney function, which means that your body will be less effective in eliminating uric acid. The bottom line is that you are at a higher risk of developing gout attack.

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I want to add that beetroots can also change the color of your urine and stool. You may see pink or even red color. However, this is harmless and there are no problems linked to discoloration!

Beetroot and gout should not be linked if you have high odds of developing gout or you are a gout sufferer already. It is definitely best to avoid it as much as possible despite the fact small amounts won’t be very problematic.

Better alternatives to beetroots

Now when you know that beetroots are bad for you, how can you replace them? The best alternatives are peas, potatoes, mushrooms, eggplants, lentils and soybeans among many others. I am referring to foods that can replace beetroots only.

Yes, you can also eat all herbs and most spices without any issue. Other foods you should eat are well-known nuts and seeds. They are probably the best foods for gout and they are very healthy.

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Whole grain foods are recommended as well. This includes rice, oats, and barley. Eggs are safe as well. Vegetable oils have been proved safe also and I am putting a massive accent on olive oil.

beetroot and strawberries salad

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All I can say at this point is that beetroot and gout can be mixed in very small amounts. If you are planning to get all of the benefits I have mentioned above, sadly you will need to do that using other foods and especially veggies.

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