What Foods Are High in Purines? – Avoid These 6 Foods

What Foods Are High in Purines

Proper dietary management can save us from a number of health disorders. However, we unknowingly eat some foods, which are not good for our health. As we do not know the chemicals present in different vegetables and other foods, it is not easy to make the right choice. Purines are harmful chemicals found in your everyday foods. But, what foods are high in purines?

What foods are high in purines?

Although any plant-based foods and meats have purines, the concentration is high in some of them. That is why you have to be careful while choosing the foods.

High-purine foods are:

  • liver
  • seafood
  • sugary foods
  • soft drinks
  • orange juice
  • alcoholic drinks

1. Liver

You must not prepare any dish with chopped liver and onions. Beef, poultry, and other meats contain a low level of purines. Thus, you have to eat them at a moderate level. It is better to have some vegetarian recipes containing walnuts and mushrooms. These ingredients will simulate the flavor and aroma of the liver. However, they will not trigger symptoms of uric acid problems.

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2. Seafood

Anchovies, crab, mussels, shrimp, herring, sardines, trout, and mackerel have high to moderate levels of purines. Those who regularly eat these foods have a 50% higher chance of increased uric acid.

As fish is one of the healthy foods, you may have thought of including it in your diet. You can try out the fish like cod. These fish species have a comparatively low purine level. Those who prefer higher-purine fish must keep the servings small. Bigger servings must include veggies like sautéed broccoli. You may also squeeze out lemon, as lemon juice is effective in neutralizing uric acid.

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3. Sugary foods

You must avoid the consumption of sugar-sweetened foods like bakery products, candies. Moreover, you have to avoid consuming sweet fruit juices.

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sugar and gout

4. Soft drinks

Soft drinks contain a high concentration of fructose. Although they do not have purines, your body breaks down the fructose to turn out purines. Sodas are high-fructose drinks, and thus, they can increase the risk of arthritis and gout. Those who drink more than two servings of sodas every day can suffer from gout. You can limit your monthly consumption of soda.

However, you may try out diet sodas, as they have no connection to gout. Still, we think that it is safe to avoid drinking any type of soda regularly. Flavored water with lemon saps is the most delicious option. You can add yummy flavors of vanilla and fruits.

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diet soda and gout

5. Orange juice

Some of us like to sip a glass of orange juice. Some sugar-sweetened saps may increase your gout risk. However, naturally sweetened orange juices are also potential to trigger the risk.  Researchers have found that fructose in different fruit juices is related to the higher purines and increased risk of arthritis.

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orange juice and gout

6. Alcoholic drinks

Alcoholic drinks are of different types, and especially beer is responsible for gout attacks. Almost any alcoholic beverage contains purines, and they can be risky for you. Consumption of wine and liquor has a link with the gout attack. The more alcoholic drinks you consume, the higher the risk will be.

The most important thing is that you must try to avoid drinking alcohol to avoid the effect of purines.

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Foods containing a low amount of purine

The low-purine diet includes different foods, and you can find ones that match your taste. The most important thing is that you must stay hydrated to eliminate uric acid from your body.

The best foods to be included in your diet chart are low-fat dairy items like:

Foods containing starch and different grains are also safe for you:

Moreover, you have to include healthy vegetables and fruit juices without adding sugar.

Fruit and vegetables low in purines:

To get protein, you can eat eggs but at a moderate level. Fish and poultry have lean proteins.

Sample diet menu to control purines and their effects

You may add any low-purine food to your everyday diet. Still, we have created a menu to let you understand it well.

For your breakfast:

  • a cup of fresh strawberry juice
  • unsweetened cereal with low-fat milk
  • coffee
  • a glass of water

For lunch:

  • slices of roasted chicken breast prepared with mustard
  • a green salad
  • olive oil
  • balsamic vinegar
  • nuts

For dinner:

  • roasted salmon
  • steamed beans
  • low-fat yogurt
  • fresh melon
  • You may also drink a cup of hot herbal tea at the end of the dinner

As a delectable snack, fresh cherries can be the perfect option.

organic cherries

What are purines?

Purines are chemical compounds, and their molecules are present in the RNA and DNA of cells.

Purines in the human body are of two types-

1. Endogenous purines

Your body has mostly endogenous purines produced naturally from dead and damaged cells. Moreover, your body processes these endogenous purines to prevent issues.

2. Exogenous purines

Exogenous purines are something that enters your body via your food. During the digestion process, your body metabolizes the purines.

While processing both these types of purines, there is a creation of a byproduct known as uric acid. However, your body reabsorbs 90% of uric acid. The remaining part of the uric acid comes out of your body through feces and urine.

When your body has a high amount of purines, it loses its capabilities of processing them. Your bloodstream will have uric acid buildups, and this condition is known as hyperuricemia.

Without proper treatments, hyperuricemia may result in kidney stones and inflammatory joint problems (gout). But, some hyperuricemia patients have no symptoms, and this condition is known as asymptomatic hyperuricemia. Both asymptomatic and symptomatic hyperuricemia patients have to avoid consuming foods with a high purine level. Especially, a plant-based diet is highly useful for them.

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Why should you control the purine level in your body?

Your body may not always be able to remove the purines. Thus, by eating purines regularly, there will be a higher risk of uric acid problems. In due course, you will have several other health risks.

Risk of diabetes

It is already said that intake of a high amount of purine will cause hyperuricemia. In this condition, uric acid in your bloodstream will also be high. Scientists have found the direct association of high uric acid with the risk of diabetes. 

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Gout and other types of arthritis

Gout is a type of arthritis caused by uric acid crystal deposits in your joints. You can feel pain in your knees, elbows, and hands. Severe gout inflammation will cause discomfort, and you need effective medications to treat this issue.

Effect on your kidney health

A high concentration of purines in your body is one of the major factors causing uric acid in your kidneys. The acid will get hardened and create crystals. Ultimately, you will have kidney stones due to purines and uric acid. Kidney stones make you feel intense pain, and you may need surgery to remove them.

Gout patients may also have this diet to control the uric acid level in their blood. Although they have to take medications, it is important to create a proper diet chart. Although a low-purine diet is healthy for everyone and prevents gout flare-ups, it is not a cure. That is why you can speak to your physician to learn about the treatment options. Medications will help in lowering your uric acid levels. The high amount of purines in your body may cause several disorders. Based on your health conditions, physicians will prescribe medications.

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