Gout And Flaxseed – Is Eating Flax Seeds Good For Us?

Gout and Flaxseed

Dealing with gout can interfere with your lifestyle and daily activities. The affection can be quite painful and will hit you with random attacks out of nowhere. Depending on how severe the affection is, some of these attacks will demand laying down and resting.

Painkillers and topical treatments represent the most common recommendations from doctors. However, gout can never be healed. You will be stuck on these drugs for the rest of your life. Luckily, there is a natural approach too.

I thought I have nothing to lose anyway. Besides, some of these natural medications have been used for thousands of years in the traditional Chinese medicine, so why not? Gout and flaxseed seem to work well together, but can you actually alleviate the pain?

Natural approaches to gout

It seems gout responds quite well to a healthy nutrition and natural remedies. You need to eliminate the uric acid out of your body. From this point of view, green vegetables and wholegrain stuff represent your main priorities. Berries are just as handy, not to mention cherries.

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Gout tends to become a problem when there is too much animal protein inside your body too, so try to reduce such foods. “Rich” foods should be avoided then.

When it comes to small things that will reduce the symptoms, flaxseed is one of the top recommendations. While I did implement other options too – like cinnamon, nutmeg or green tea, flaxseed was just as handy in my treatment.

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Gout and flaxseed, effects and results

There are more studies that show the efficiency of flaxseed against gout. When tested on rats, it seems flaxseed can reduce the levels of uric acid by 34% within six months. Other than that, flaxseed is also rich in essential fatty acids, which the human body cannot really produce.

Flaxseed will keep the cholesterol under control and reduce the blood pressure. It will prevent and dissolve gallstones, but it also treats infertility and skin related problems.

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Results will take a while to show up. I have not noticed anything for more than a month after starting my gout and flaxseed treatment. I literally forgot to pay attention to it, but I kept doing it. It took me around six weeks to notice a decrease in the intensity of my gout attacks. Pains were bearable and I inevitably reduced my painkiller dose as well.

After about eight weeks, the frequency of my attacks reduced by 75%. From four attacks a week, I ended up with one only. Sure, I still face various painful episodes now and then, but they are easy to deal with because the pain is quite mild.

Gout cannot be healed, so the best we can do is keep it under control. While some see flaxseed as a dietary supplement that goes with pretty much everything, I see it as the treatment that made me feel better.

How to take flaxseed for gout

I started throwing flaxseed in pretty much everything I ate. It tastes a bit nutty, but a tablespoon in your meals will not really make the difference in the taste. I would describe it as a healthy additive that does not really affect the taste. Apart from reducing the levels of uric acid, flaxseed is also rich in potassium, magnesium and calcium – essential nutrients to deal with gout.

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Flaxseed oil and gout

I have also purchased flaxseed oil, which is great for immediate pain relief. Simply get a drop on the tip of a finger, then rub the affected area. It will reduce inflammation and clear the pain within minutes. Keep it handy at all times.

For maximum efficiency, I recommend organic flaxseed, as it is potent and does not have any chemicals or additives.


As a short final conclusion, there is, indeed, a connection between gout and flaxseed. Flaxseed is a fast pain reliever when used topically and will reduce the longterm effects of gout when ingested on a regular basis. It will take over a month to notice any beneficial effects, but it is totally worth it. At the same time, it might be wise mixing it with a diet based on foods that fight gout, not to mention supplements – green tea, cinnamon oil and so on.

Go on with this treatment and let me know how it works for you – use the comments section below.​

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