Broccoli And Gout – Is Broccoli Bad For Gout?

Broccoli and gout

I personally know that all gout sufferers have a hard time balancing their diet and consuming foods and beverages that are not dangerous or harmful to the condition in question. Here I will cover the link between broccoli and gout. Is this food good or bad for you and should you consume it or avoid it? All of that will be answered in the content below.

Broccoli and gout

Let’s cover some basics first, just in a case you are new in the world of gout. This is a type of arthritis which affects joints and it causes inflammation and pain. In the most severe cases, it can spread across the body and cause severe complications. Gout is caused by uric acid which is higher than in people who don’t suffer from gout. The levels may change over time, but all gout sufferers have a much higher level of the acid. Furthermore, our bodies are more sensitive to the changes that affect those levels.

The main element that affects uric acid levels is the purines. When they are broken down by the body, the level of uric acid will be increased. This is the main fact to know because some food and beverages are rich in purines, while others are low. As a gout sufferer, I must recommend you to consume foods and beverages which are low in purines only. Precisely here we can see that broccoli is safe for us. It is a low-purine food so it isn’t harmful to us and it can be consumed in moderation.

Is Broccoli Bad For Gout?

According to the American Dietetic Association broccoli is a low-purine food because it has under 100 mg of purines per 100 grams. As such, you are free to add broccoli to your diet. In addition, this food has a lot of useful ingredients and nutrients, so you will benefit even more from adding it to the diet. It is highly recommended part of any healthy diet and it can actually decrease the risk of a gout attack.

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Nutrients and minerals broccoli offers

In the lack of a better word, broccoli is an impressive source of minerals and vitamins. It has more than 91 of them. Of course, we won’t be able to see all of them, but I will list the most important ones. The first two facts I will reveal is that this food provides almost no fat. The actual amount is extremely low so it can be treated as irrelevant. Then it provides plenty of natural sodium, which is impressive and needed as well.

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I like the fact, broccoli provides body with potassium. For us, gout suffers, potassium is essential for controlling the sodium levels and preventing high blood pressure.

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Some, other vitamins it offers include Vitamin A and vitamin B6. Of course, the most impressive advantage of this food is the amount of vitamin C it offers. You must know that for us, gout sufferers, vitamin C is the main one and the most essential. This food will provide 220% of the vitamin C. Precisely this makes a huge difference and it is something that makes broccoli an important and a desirable addition to a gout diet.

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Does broccoli cause gout?

Broccoli and gout are linked but in a good way. This means that you can consume broccoli freely and you won’t get a gout attack due to it. I come across some findings that suggest otherwise and I must use this opportunity to tell you that this isn’t the truth. First of all, this food is completely healthy and it comes without dangerous nutrients or ingredients. It is safe to consume and it can be the best source of minerals and nutrients. So no, broccoli won’t cause a gout attack.


Now you know all about broccoli and gout and you are free to add this superfood to your diet. Just keep in mind that it is one of the safest ones to consume and there won’t be any complications, regardless of the fact how long and how much you eat broccoli. Sadly, the taste isn’t something that is the advantage of the food and I personally don’t like it, but I always think of the nutrients and minerals that are located inside the food!

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