Rice and Gout – Is Rice Bad for Gout?

rice and gout

In recent years, there has been plenty of confusion regarding the foods we should eat. The best example of all this was whole grain food. It has been consumed by people for over 12.000 years and it was considered as healthy, nutrient-rich, and perfect in any form.

A while back, scientists have discovered that whole grain foods are bad and they can help you gain weight, develop various diseases and etc. Apparently, this food should be avoided by all people and there is no need to consume it.

I personally believe that this isn’t true. The second issue here is that not a lot of scientists tested whole grain foods on gout sufferers. Well, I did and I also did proper research.

If you are wondering why I am telling you this on my rice and gout post, the answer is obvious. Rice is whole grain type of food. A bigger question here is should you eat it if you suffer from gout? Let’s find out.

Nutrients and benefits of rice

First of all, rice is healthy to consume and you can even get 50% of the calories you need from this food and other whole grain meals. The Mediterranean diet is known to be extremely healthy and it tells you the same thing as I just told you.

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When it comes to rice and gout, there are a few indirect facts. One cup of rice contains 0.4 g of fat, 0.6g of fiber, 53.2 grams of carbs, and 4.4 g of protein. It also contains 242 calories.

Rice is a well-known food grain that supports and boosts the health of the bones and the muscles alongside nerves. It forms fatty acids in the colon and keeps it healthy as well.

Rice will also keep the risk of cardiovascular disease as low as possible and it is one of the best foods you can consume in this case scenario. Rice is also safe for people suffering from Celiac disease. It doesn’t contain gluten.

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The bottom line is much simpler if we understand that people in China have a diet that is focused on rice and they have the highest health rate, low obesity rate and they live a long and prosperous life.

This simply should help you understand that rice is healthy type of food and forget about those who tell you otherwise. It is healthy, beneficial and it can be delicious.

bowl of rice

Is rice bad for gout?

There is a minor link between rice and gout. Just to clarify, you can consume rice and you can consume it in a moderate amount. It is low in purines and contains 0-50mg of purines per 100 grams. This refers to white rice only. Brown rice is moderate in purines (50-150mg per 100 grams).

Consuming rice can help you decrease the risk of developing gout in the first place. If you already suffer from it, you can consume it as a part of your diet and there won’t be any issues or complications.

One thing I must add is that 1% of the world population is allergic to gluten. If you are one of those people, you will obviously have to avoid the foods that contain it. With gout, this allergy can be even more annoying and more pronounced.

Rice acts as a laxative and can help you avoid constipation. All you need is 1/3 of a cup and you will notice the ‘’improvement’’. Rice and gout are linked together and I believe that all of us, gout sufferers need to add this food to the diet very soon.

Additional things to remember

I have mentioned that rice is good for you and I stay by my claim. However, you need to avoid processed types of rice and foods that contain them. They won’t directly cause a gout flare or anything similar, but they can help you gain weight and as a gout patient, you must avoid that at all costs.

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100% whole grain rice, white obviously is the ultimate food and you can consume it daily. Brown rice can be consumed in moderation. The situation is the same with all whole grain foods. Now you know the link between rice and gout.

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