Cabbage And Gout – Is Cabbage Good For Gout?

cabbage and gout

Cabbage may be something you don’t like. For example, I don’t like it and I avoid eating it, at least I didn’t discover that it has so important benefits to the overall health and it is beneficial for me, a gout sufferer. Then I realized that cabbage is actually the second most popular vegetable in the world, behind potatoes. Cabbage and gout are great together, simple due to the fact cabbage have a positive effect on the gout symptoms.

Benefits of cabbage

Cabbage is so rich in specific nutrients that it would be a shame if you avoid this vegetable. It has been used for thousands of years and it is actually better than some fruits. I must add the fact that cabbage is richer in vitamin K. As a matter of fact, one cup off cabbage will meet over 90% of your daily need for vitamin K.

Besides the vitamin K, it is rich in vitamin C, iron, magnesium and so many other ingredients you will need. Keep in mind that vitamin K is essential for our bodies to fight of bacteria and invaders. It is the main vitamin if you prefer.

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red cabbage and gout

Is Cabbage Good For Gout?

First of all, it is rich in specific ingredients and chemicals which help our body remove all toxins from itself. By removing the toxins, it will also reduce the level of uric acid. Keep in mind that the lower the levels of uric acids are, less risk you will have from suffering from a gout attack. This is especially beneficial when it comes to the red cabbage, although green isn’t bad either.

The next main thing you should know is that cabbage has anti-inflammatory properties, so it is even more beneficial for us. The last but not least, cabbage is rich in all kinds of enzymes which will help us reduce the pain we have from gout and make our life literally better.

Wrapping your feet in cabbage?

Some users like to wrap the leaves of the cabbage around the affected joint. They claim that this is more than just effective method and that the results are noticed immediately. I searched for the reason why this happens and I discovered that the explanation lies in the enzymes cabbage leaves will release when wrapped around a joint. Red or green cabbage is less important fact to consider.

wrapping your feet in cabbage for gout

Frozen cabbage

I also discovered that frozen cabbage leaves are the best alternative. Of course, this is easy to understand if we know that ice or cold will also decrease the level of inflammation. But, even then, the aforementioned enzymes will be released and they will penetrate the skin and reach the affected joint. Once that happens, you will experience pain relief and you will get more benefits than you even hoped for.

I will want to point out that cabbage should be used in two ways. The first one is to add it to your daily diet. After all, there won’t be any complications and the second method is to use frozen cabbage leaves to treat the affected joint. Combined, the results are more than just impressive.

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The final word

At the first sight, you have discovered that cabbage is just another vegetable that should be consumed. But, in a case of cabbage and gout, you learned a completely different story. This vegetable is more than just important and it has tons of advantages and benefits. It can help you reduce the level of inflammation, it will decrease the pain and it will make your life so much better. Drawbacks? There are no any. Even if you don’t like eating cabbage, now is the right time to get used to it. For us, gout sufferers, it is one of the best vegetables on the planet and something that should be kept inside a house at all times.

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