Tomatoes And Gout – Are Tomatoes Bad For Gout?

tomatoes and gout

Tomatoes are delicious and all of us like them very much. They are a great addition to the diet and they are more than just desirable when you want to enjoy a great salad. Of course, the situation when it comes to the tomatoes and gout is slightly different, as I will explain right now.

Should you consume tomatoes?

The answer to this question is more than just complicated. Let’s start from the beginning. Tomatoes are 90% water and we all know that water is more than just essential for all us, gout sufferers. But, what with other ingredients? Well, there are no many ingredients in tomatoes. As a matter of fact, 100 grams will contain 237 mg of potassium and about 18 calories. This is less than many other vegetables, so they are not dangerous.

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In a nutshell, tomatoes are not toxic for gout sufferers. You are free to consume them and they don’t affect the uric acid levels in our bodies. As a matter of fact, tomatoes are very healthy.

Are tomatoes high in purines?

The answer is no. We all know that food rich in purines can cause gout attacks, so we must avoid them, but this isn’t the case with tomatoes.

Of course, all of this refers to the fresh tomatoes from the grocery shop or from your own garden. The situation is slightly different when it comes to the cooked tomatoes. In that case scenario, the acid levels will be more than just high, so then they should be avoided. Of course, a small amount of cooked tomatoes won’t harm you and there won’t be any side effects, but still, it is a smart idea to avoid them.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of different types of tomatoes. Almost all types of them except standard tomatoes have high pH levels. As such, it is a smart decision to avoid them. You should know that vegetables with high pH levels should be avoided if you suffer from gout and it is the best thing you can do to avoid them. Still, chances are low that this food will cause you gout attacks, but there is a higher risk. According to a study, different types of tomatoes can reach 20% of the risk to cause a gout attack when consumed in high amounts.

Try to remember that tomatoes should be an addition to your diet. Do not eat them frequently and there won’t be any issues. I like them in a salad, and I consume them in this way. In addition: Please avoid tomato cream soup. It is high in acid and has a high pH level, so it isn’t wise to consume it.

Is ok to eat pizza if you have gout?

You know that pizza is one of the most popular foods on the planet. I suffer from gout and I eat pizza occasionally. Pizza and pasta won’t increase the uric acid levels in your blood, therefore they are good for you. Well, they are not very good, but they are harmless even if you suffer from gout. The situation is almost the same when it comes to the tomato sauce and gout. Basically, this is the essential ingredient of any pizza and if you are free to consume pizza, you are free to consume tomato sauce. Of course, keep in mind that moderation is the key element here. Never eat too much pizza, because it has plenty of other ingredients which can cause a gout attack.


For example, if you are consuming a pizza with seafood ingredients, chances are high that you will get a gout attack. The problem isn’t in the pizza, but rather in the seafood which is added to the pizza. We all know that seafood and shellfish can cause gout attacks and we definitely should avoid them at any cost.

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Another fact you all should know is that alcohol is rich in purines, such as wine and beer. They can cause a gout attack when consumed in larger amounts, especially beer. Because many people, or let’s say gout sufferers consume beer with pizza, gout attacks may occur. It happened to me once, but I was able to correct a problem with a medication (ibuprofen). Obviously, the problem wasn’t in the pizza, but in the alcohol beverage, I consumed.

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Do tomatoes cause gout?

The answer is no. They are free to consume and there won’t be any issues, but only if you remember what I have mentioned here. You must consume tomatoes in moderation and avoid eating them a few times per a day. They must be added to your diet, but make the entire one!

The last, but not least, always check for other ingredients which include tomatoes. Pay close attention to sodium and sugar levels. If they are high, avoid that meal! Nowadays we all have an option to consume organic tomatoes. They are a much better alternative, simply because they don’t contain any toxins, chemicals of some type and they are generally safer to consume. I consume them only and I am more than just satisfied. Of course, I don’t have gout attacks. Even when I eat tomatoes a few times per a week (never on the same day).

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tomato soup

The final word

At the end, I must repeat that tomatoes and gout don’t have some relations. We all are free to consume tomatoes, despite the fact we suffer from gout but keep in mind that a small amount is harmless, which isn’t the case with huge amounts. Also, avoid cooked tomatoes and processed ones. The best alternative is organic tomatoes. They are the healthiest and the safest for us. In addition, avoid exotic or different types of tomatoes. They are rich in pH levels, so they may increase the levels of your uric acid, as such, they must be kept away from your diet. The last but not least, yes, you can consume pizza even if you suffer from gout.

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