Brussel Sprouts and Gout – Do Brussel Sprouts Cause Gout

brussel sprouts and gout

Sometimes finding and using a proper diet is very complicated. The situation is, even more complicated if you are a gout sufferer. Sadly, foods that are delicious aren’t always beneficial for managing gout. Other foods that we don’t really like are very important.

Yes, you can consume anything you like and yes you will end up with a gout attack. When that happens, you will need a painkiller. They are effective, but they also come with so many side effects. I take painkillers occasionally, but try to avoid them as I possibly can.

One of the interesting links is brussel sprouts and gout. I know that 50% of you love this vegetable. The other 50% hate it. I personally don’t like to eat it, but I know that there are plenty of health benefits, so I am trying to find a correlation between the vegetable in question and my condition.

What is brussel sprout and are there any health benefits?

Brussel sprout comes from Brassicaceae family and it is similar to cauliflower and kale. You can eat it in various meals and you can mix and match it with all sorts of other foods.

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One of the main advantages is the high vitamin K level. 78 grams of brussel sprouts contain 137% of daily, recommended dosage of this vitamin. Other ingredients are protein, 2 grams, 2 grams of fiber, and 6 grams of carbs.

The vegetable is able to offer you antioxidant properties. These are compounds that fight free radicals and prevent cell damage. Brussel sprout can help you by protecting your body from cancer, help you with blood sugar level and etc.

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ALA Omega-3 is very common in brussel sprout. They can decrease cognitive decline, decrease inflammation, and also decrease insulin resistance. These are just a few main examples of health benefits. There are over ten others and many are being discovered as we speak.

Anyway, the main topic here is the connection between brussel sprouts and gout. To help you with that, I will need another section.

brussel sprouts

How brussel sprouts and gout are connected?

Yes, brussel sprouts and gout are linked and in two ways. First of all, brussel sprouts have moderate amount of purines in their composition. 100 grams of brussel sprouts contain 69 mg of purines. This suggests that they can be consumed in moderation.

However, brussel sprouts and some vegetables that are in moderation rich with purines are not necessarily bad for gout sufferers. They may be actually beneficial and can help you live with the condition better.

Second, the main fact here is that brussel sprouts are helpful if or when you want to fight off inflammation. Gout is, as you know, the inflammatory disease. All foods and all actions that can decrease inflammation in the body are therefore good and needed!

It is unclear how this health benefit is possible. Some say that there are some compounds in cruciferous vegetables that do the same thing. Others claim that this is a unique benefit of brussel sprouts.

Brussel sprouts will help you with inflammation. You can notice the improvements within days and you will need to consume the vegetable in question on a daily basis. To sum all up, the link between brussel sprouts and gout is positive.

Do brussel sprouts cause gout?

After all, brussel sprouts are moderate in purines, so massive consumption isn’t something you should do. Eat them a few times per week. You will get help with your inflammation and you will get other health benefits but there won’t be any risk from high levels of purines!

The best way to consume brussel sprouts is to either roast them or steam them. Ideally, you will mix them with various other vegetables and you will get a delicious meal within seconds.

grilled brussel sprouts

My favorite recipe is to boil them in hot water, place them in ice cold water after that, and add onion and garlic. Vinegar is added as well. If you are wondering are there any other links between brussel sprouts and gout, the answer is no. There is only one advantage related to gout sufferers and there are no massive improvements noticed.

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