Kale and Gout – Is Kale Good for Gout?

kale and gout

Here we have kale, a vegetable that is very popular, common in many meals and which is an appealing choice for us, gout sufferers. Kale and gout correlation does exist and it has been explained in several studies. So, should you consume it, avoid it or you will benefit from it? I will explain all of that below. At the moment, I want to share that kale is a member of the same family as broccoli.

Vitamins and minerals found in kale and their effect on gout

The full list of minerals and nutrients found in kale is more than just long. All you have to know is that this vegetable offers you plenty of both and it is actually better in some cases than broccoli. We all know that broccoli is a super food and it is more than just rich in minerals and ingredients we all need.

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The main ingredient here is potassium. Kale is rich in this mineral and it will help you balance the sodium levels. It is important for all of us to keep our sodium levels well-balanced at all times. Sodium is linked to high blood pressure and as a gout sufferer, you will definitely want to avoid that.

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In essence, kale is rich in vitamins A, B6, E and K. It offers magnesium, iron, zinc and etc. As I have mentioned already, this vegetable is more than just beneficial for all of us and obviously, it is loaded with healthy nutrients.

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What about purine levels?

Now I will have to tell you something regarding the purine level. Is kale rich in purines, neutral or low?  The answer is low. 130 grams of it will have 62 mg of purines, which isn’t bad and you can freely consume it in moderation. Of course, consuming it too much won’t be ideal either.

The last, but not least is the flavonoid quercetin which is available in kale. There are several studies I was able to find which involved the use of this ingredient. Anyway, the mentioned chemical was tested on mice and they discovered that it lowers the level of uric acid. The link has been discovered between the compound and the xanthine oxidase an enzyme which is essential for converting purines into uric acid. Another advantage of the same compound is linked between it and the better results in fighting inflammation.

Is kale bad for gout?

The pure essence to know here is that kale isn’t bad for gout. You won’t get some impressive benefits, but it is free to consume it and it is a great source of minerals and vitamins.


Nutrients in kale

Kale and gout are even more linked than some of you may believe. The main reason for that is the list of the main nutrients found here. I will start with the protein. Kale is known as beef for vegetarians and it offers 4.2 grams of protein in 100 grams. It is more than just an average source of this nutrient.

Kale also has several compounds and nutrients which are beneficial to the eyes. Just one of them is zeaxanthin. Of course, I won’t waste your time by mentioning all of them. However, kale is one of the best foods for eyes and it should be taken into consideration.

You will be surprised if I tell you that kale contains more calcium than milk. You will get 150 mg /100 grams while actual milk offers 113 mg per the same amount. Add this and add the fact that kale is loaded with omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids and we get an actual superfood.

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When we take a look at the calories, we can see that kale is a low-calorie food. It has 49 kcal per 100 grams and it is perfect if you are looking for a low-calorie food.

kale smoothie


Kale and gout should be mixed together. Just imagine all the benefits you will get from this superfood. And it is a true superfood I must add. When it comes to gout remedy, it is helpful, but not one of the best foods for us, gout suffers. This means that you can consume it, but don’t expect too much of it. If you want to know more, just leave a comment below.

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