Chocolate and Gout – Is Chocolate Bad for Gout?

chocolate and gout

Chocolate is one of the best and the most popular treats in all parts of the world. It has been among us for centuries and it even has health benefits. We all know that it is made from cacao beans and it is delicious. On the other side, we have gout. It is an inflammatory type of arthritis that affects joints and it is caused by increased levels of the uric acid. Here I will explain the correlation between chocolate and gout.

What are health benefits of chocolate?

This isn’t some miracle food you should consume daily, but there are some benefits. The main advantages lie in the flavonoids which are rich in chocolate. It is also rich in antioxidants, which fight free radicals that destroy our cells. On the other hand, they also fight inflammation, which is essential when it comes to gout.

Chocolate also makes us feel better and be happier. It has been linked to a delicious and effective treat versus depression and commonly used by people who are suffering from this disorder.

Chocolate is also useful for people who suffer from low blood pressure. On the other hand, it isn’t so great for those who suffer from high blood pressure. In essence, your unique state of the body and health can determine is chocolate ideal for you or it must be avoided. Always check with your doctor about the matter we have discussed and try to determine the precise amount of chocolate you need to consume.

chocolate is good for gout

Chocolate and gout

If you are looking for a delicious treat to treat gout, chocolate may be the best option. First and foremost, not all types of chocolates should be used. The dark chocolate which consists of 70%+ cacao is the best alternative. It is the most beneficial type of chocolate as well and for gout sufferers the best option. Others are not so good. This refers to milk or white chocolate.

Is Chocolate Bad For Gout?

Chocolate reacts with gout on two levels. The first one is the anti-inflammatory properties I have explained above. The second one is better blood flow. What this means is that circulation will be improved and therefore the elimination of the uric acid will be better. In other words, blood will reach the kidneys much faster and in larger volume so it will remove the uric acid quicker than usual. Lower uric acid levels mean that the risk of a gout attack will be lower as well.

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Amount of chocolate

Keep in mind that when I say you should consume chocolate, you must do it in moderation. This simply refers to a few bites per a day, not the whole chocolate! If you consume it too much than usual, you can expect weight gain, which is actually a severe issue that affects us, gout sufferers. You definitely don’t want that.

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Chocolate is an excellent treatment for pain caused by gout. The flavonoids in the treat will act as COX2 inhibitors, which is basically the same way how NSAIDs operate. Then we have the aforementioned antioxidant property. During a gout attack, our body produces more free radicals than usual. They damage the cells and eventually they can cause more pain.

Antioxidants from the chocolate are known to destroy free radicals, so they prevent future damages and future pain. I just must add the fact that during the gout attack you want to eliminate the uric acid as much as possible. Because chocolate improves the blood flow and promotes the work of kidneys, you will get precisely that.

Another thing I must discuss with you is that chocolate amount you actually need cannot be generalized. It depends on each individual, but all of you should consume it in small amounts. Chocolate is rich in calories and fats so it will be responsible for weight gain. This is a condition that may cause complicated issues and will make your gout symptoms worse.

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When it comes to chocolate and gout, always consume it in small amounts. It should primarily decrease the odds for a gout attack. Then it will help you overcome the symptoms of the gout attack when or better said if it occurs.

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The final word

We have learned that chocolate and gout should be mixed and matched. I personally use this treat to prevent gout attacks and it helps me so much. Key elements you must remember is that small amounts of chocolate, dark ones are the best and you should consume it occasionally. Avoid white chocolate because all of what I have mentioned above do not refer to this type of chocolate! You should be focused on dark chocolate which is made 70%+ of cacao beans and you will truly get all the benefits I have mentioned above.

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