Mushrooms And Gout – Are Mushrooms Bad For Gout?

mushrooms and gout

We all know that gout sufferers are more than just cautious regarding their food and their meals. Here we have one type of food which is more than just problematic, simply because it is still unknown to most people. I mean unknown because there are a lot of different species of mushrooms, 140.000 as a matter of fact. So, what I have to say about mushrooms and gout?

Are Mushrooms Bad For Gout?

Mushrooms are more than just ideal meal for all of us. First of all, they are rich in vitamins, minerals and low in calories. This combination made them so great when it comes to replacing meat from your diet. As a matter of fact, I will recommend you to replace a meal or two which consists of meat with mushrooms. Mushrooms and gout are great due to the fact you won’t increase uric acid regardless of the fact how much mushrooms you eat.

As I have mentioned, mushrooms can replace meat, which isn’t so great for us, gout sufferers. The same amount of mushrooms contains 3 g of proteins, while meat will contain 20 g. This is impressive at the lack of a better word and now you can understand why mushrooms are more than just ideal for all of you.

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Yes, they are still unknown to scientists. In reality, only 10% of mushrooms are known and they have been explored and tested. Regardless of the fact, mushrooms are ideal for all of you who are planning to replace meat and to have a normal life despite the fact they suffer from gout.

I must add that there have been no correlations between mushrooms and gout. Regardless of the fact which species you like to consume, there won’t be any complications. Mushrooms won’t increase the risk of gout nor of a gout attack. So, the bottom line here is yes, you can consume mushrooms as much as you like, even if you are a gout sufferer like me.

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Reishi mushrooms and gout

This species of mushrooms must be explained separately due to the fact they have been involved in a study which involved patients suffering arthritis. They discovered that the mushrooms in question reduced the inflammatory complications and reduced the side effects those cells had. In a nutshell, they make arthritis bearable and less severe than usual. We all know that arthritis is an autoimmune disease, as gout.

Sadly, the mentioned study didn’t involve anything regarding gout, but if we know that arthritis and gout are similar, we can deduce that these mushrooms are more than just essential to add to your diet. Furthermore, they are delicious and I like them a lot. In general, these are the mushrooms you will have to consume in order to get the lower risk of gout or a gout attack.

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Reishi mushrooms
Reishi mushrooms

I will also have to add that Cordyceps mushrooms are beneficial as well. These mushrooms have been used in China for thousands of years and they are important due to several reasons. First of all, they will protect your kidneys and liver and they will also help reduce the blood pressure. But, the thing that matters the most is the fact they will decrease the risk of a gout attack, due to the fact they have anti-inflammatory properties. All of this is more than just important especially if you suffer from gout or you are at a higher risk of developing it.

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Cordyceps militaris mushroom
Cordyceps militaris mushroom


Mushrooms and gout are great when combined. There are no complications, issues and they are safe to consume as much as you like. When it comes to the species of mushrooms you will want to eat most, I have mentioned two of them which are promising. Besides the fact they can help you replace meat, which will have a positive effect on your body weight, they will reduce the risk gout brings. So, the next time someone tells you that mushrooms are not good for you, you will know that they are wrong.

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