Tea And Gout – Is Tea Bad For Gout?

green tea

Explaining how tea and gout react when mixed is complicated. After all, there are so many types of tea, so this matter cannot be generalized. I will try to be as simple as possible when it comes to explaining this matter because it is truly complicated. The partial answer to this question is yes, you can consume tea, but not all types of this beverage are recommended.

Green tea and gout

Straightaway I will tell you that green tea is beneficial for all people who suffer from gout and for those who want to reduce the risk of it. There are no a lot of different researches about this matter, but a few which have been conducted are positive. Green tea actually reduces the risk of gout. This isn’t a huge reduction in risk percentage, but it is still a benefit to look for.

People in some countries in Asia, such as China, India, and Japan drink a lot of green tea per day. There are much lower figures of people suffering from gout in those countries, so it is obvious that green tea actually reduces the risk of this major issue. Sadly, there are no a lot of researches which can explain how this actually works, but a few which I mentioned, explained that green tea is rich in healthy ingredients which are beneficial to the overall health, body, and mind.

If you already suffer from gout, you should know that green tea will reduce the intensity of all the symptoms. For example, the pain will be manageable thanks to this amazing beverage and it must be taken into consideration, due to the massive intensity reduction. Other symptoms will be reduced as well, so green tea is definitely preferable beverage if you are looking for a way to manage gout.

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Keep in mind that it is important to consume a well-prepared tea from high-quality leaves. There are a lot of poor-quality alternatives out there which must be avoided at all cost. In addition, it is great if you have a coffee house near you where they serve a great green tea.

Can you prepare green tea all by yourself?

I will reveal to you how you can prepare green tea all by yourself and get the most out of this beverage. Ideally, you will place it in a boiling water for 5 minutes in order to get the most flavonoids. Even better is if you brew your own green tea in a pot. Also, make sure to use high-quality tea bags. They are the best source for this beverage.

green tea for gout recipe

I also like placing the green tea in a refrigerator and adding lemon to it. This beverage will actually refresh you and still reduce the symptom intensity of gout. It works like a charm and I am proud to tell you that I have been using it for years.

Recently I discovered that people in China prepare green tea in a different way. If you want to try it, you will have to…

  • Use 1 cup of green papaya
  • Cut it into small cubes and place it into boiling water
  • Add 2 tablespoons of green tea and leave it for 5-10 minutes
  • Steep it and you have a great cup of green tea

Of course, make sure to make a lot of it, because you will definitely like the taste. There have been some evidence that this variation of green tea is beneficial for gout patients in a way it can cure the issue. However, there has been no proper research and this probably isn’t the truth.

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Is black tea good for gout?

While green tea can be consumed and there won’t be any issues, only benefits for all gout patients, black tea is a completely different story. It actually must be avoided at all cost. There have been two studies which discovered that black tea contains oxalate which must be avoided if you suffer from gout or you have a higher risk of developing it. They also discovered that gout is linked to the calcium oxalate stones which are caused by black tea. They also affect uric acid levels and increase the risk of a black tea. As such, avoiding black tea is a wise decision to make.

black tea

These studies also proved that adding milk to the black tea will make the situation even worse. Yes, the level of calcium oxalate stones is still lower compared to other foods and beverages, but it is a thing you will have to avoid just because it has a negative effect on gout and the symptoms this condition causes.

Does tea cause gout flare ups?

Black tea will, while other ones won’t. Here I must explain that black tea is rich in purines, which have been associated with the gout causes and symptoms. Once again, the best thing you can do is to avoid black tea in general.

Purines are also common in beer, and you should know that this beverage should be avoided as well. On the other hand, they are found in some fruits and vegetables, but due to low levels, they are harmless. It simply means that you are free to consume fruits and vegetables and there won’t be any complications with gout.

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The next time you are planning to have a cup of tea, make sure it isn’t black tea. I will also add that all sufferers from gout must avoid food rich in purines. If they are consumed in higher amounts, the symptoms may get worse and you will start suffering even more! Always check for the label at the back of a product or use the internet to discover the levels of purines in that, particular food. If the value is high, avoid it completely.

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tea and gout

Is herbal tea good for gout?

Most herbal teas, except black tea, are actually recommended for patients with gout. I know that because I have tried all of them. One, an interesting alternative is to drink brew devil’s claw.

All you have to do is to:

  • place the leaves in a metal strainer,
  • place it in the boiling water
  • after 10 minutes you have a cup of tea.

However, this must be avoided if you take blood thinner medications. In essence, all decaf teas are highly recommended as well, due to high levels of antioxidant properties.

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Turmeric and bromelain are also highly recommended when it comes to people with gout. Consume each tea and gout will be decreased in the case of symptoms. I have consumed both of them and I am more than just satisfied with the overall effect. They have helped me reduce the symptom intensity and made me well better. Of course, they are delicious and I have been consuming them for over a year. Not a single drawback was noticed by me.

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herbal tea and gout

Keep in mind that the tea you will consume for the first time won’t taste as good as you hoped so. Your body will need some time to get used to it and only after some time you will enjoy a cup of tea you want to drink. Of course, I would recommend you to try many different types of herbal teas and to choose the one you like the most.

Other benefits

There are a lot of additional benefits from these teas. You will get a lower risk of developing a variety of health complications, your mind will be in a better shape and you will be better protected against viruses. I must add that herbal teas have been widely consumed in India, China, and Japan, as I have mentioned earlier. There, the risk of cancer is much lower than in other countries, so you can get a clear picture how much these teas are beneficial. Of course, consuming 2-4 cups per a day is the best thing you can do just look after the possible side effects. I personally prefer consuming a cup of tea afternoon because I sleep better, I wake up fully rested in the morning and I enjoy dinner more.

cup of tea

The main thing to know here is that all herbal teas healthy and they should be consumed daily. If you are sick or have a cold, you will definitely have to consume them in order to start feeling better as soon as possible.

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The final word

As you can see tea and gout are possible to mix together. Keep in mind that this refers to the green tea and herbal teas (not all of them, but the ones I have mentioned). Green tea is more than just beneficial for your gout symptoms and it has a great score in reducing the risk of developing it. On the other hand, black tea must be avoided. Maybe you like it, but this tea contains ingredients which are not good for gout sufferers. If you consume it already, please stop and switch to the green tea due to the reasons I have mentioned earlier. You will feel better and more protected from gout.

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