Kombucha and Gout – Is Kombucha Good for Gout?

kombucha and gout

A ‘’Disease of Kings’’ or gout as you know, it has been affecting people for almost 2000 years now. It happens when the uric acid level is too high (your body is unable to remove excess or produces more than normally), so it makes crystals in the joints. Those crystals cause pain. Some beverages can make it worse, while others can make you feel better. This brings us to the kombucha and gout correlation which will be explained in detail below.  

Different medications and remedies have been used for treating gout or at least decreasing the pain during a gout attack. You may have heard of countless foods and beverages that offer impressive benefits and can completely eliminate pain.

This is true. Certain foods and beverages are known to provide relief and even prevent the next gout flare. Every single gout sufferer needs to base his diet on foods and drinks with these perks.

What is kombucha?

Kombucha can either be something you know all about or a term you are hearing of for the first time. In a nutshell, this is tea also known as kombucha (the term is used to make a difference between years and bacteria cultures). It is sweet, green or black, and fermented. The country of origin is unknown, but many believe beverage was made in Russia for the first time.

Ingredients include sugar, tea, yeast, and bacteria. It may sound like a dangerous drink, but it is actually known for its health benefits. Besides already mentioned ingredients, spice and juice can be added. Commercial kombucha comes with less than 0.5% alcohol. So keep that in mind.

The Health benefits of kombucha are versatile. Many believe that this beverage will help you with diabetes, digestion, decrease blood pressure, and also make your immune system stronger. One, an interesting benefit that is common for most teas is the ability to remove toxins from the body. Kombucha does this well. Less-known health benefits are improved liver function, lower risk from cancer, and better nervous system function. It helps people with hemorrhoids as well.

kombucha and lemon

We are interested in kombucha and gout so this is going to be the main part of the topic. Yes, there is a connection and in addition, kombucha is beneficial for different types of rheumatism.

Is kombucha good for gout?

Yes, all gout sufferers can use this beverage to treat gout and get minor benefits. Some are even known to use kombucha every single day and they claim it is the ultimate remedy. Sadly, there is no a lot of research regarding the topic so all the details are based on the experience of gout patients.

One thing is certain. Kombucha will turn uric acid into a compound that can be easily removed from the body. This is a water soluble compound. As we have mentioned earlier, kombucha is known for detoxifying properties, so this is the main link between kombucha and gout.

There is one benefit more. Kombucha protects you from kidney and stones in your bladder. For gout sufferers, this is an extremely important perk. First of all, they are at a higher risk of developing stones. Secondly, those stones can decrease kidney function, the same organ that removes excess uric acid. Overall, this may look like a simple health benefit, but in reality, it is far from that.

You can make kombucha at home or order the kit for making it. Both ways work well and there are no issues. Nevertheless, making kombucha at home gives you the freedom to add spice and juices and make it just right for your own taste.

Don’t consume too much kombucha

If you are one of those who believe more is always better, you are wrong, at least when it comes to kombucha. A person should drink between 1 and 2 servings per day, 8 ounces each. If you drink too much of this tea, you can experience some side effects.

The drawbacks are minor but still something you need to know about. Too much kombucha can cause consumption of more calories than needed, feeling bloated, and also consuming too much sugar. To avoid these, consume the amount recommended above.

Kombucha and gout can exist in the same sentence and in the same life as a person. For some, this beverage is an excellent gout treatment. For others, it works well. In essence, there are no negative impacts on gout so you are free to try this remedy and see how much it will help you.

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