Gout and Chamomile – How & When It Works

Gout and Chamomile

So, you know that gout cannot be healed, but kept under control only. You are looking for a natural approach to ditch those harmful and addictive painkillers and the good news is you do have options. I was in the same situation. It takes time and patience to relieve gout naturally, but it can be done.

The affection is caused by the accumulation of uric acid in your blood. Find some natural herbs that can reduce uric acid and your problem is solved. It sounds easy, but you need some consistency and a bit of research.

There are more natural options out there and to succeed, you might need to mix most of them in. Add a bit of olive oil to your salads, throw some basil over your pasta and so on. There is also a connection between gout and chamomile and to be honest with you, I think this is the most effective way to go.

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Gout and chamomile, the connection

So, how does chamomile help against gout? As you may already know since you were a kid, chamomile is a relaxing tea. It has anti-inflammatory purposes and will reduce swelling. Your grandma used to give it to you for pretty much anything. Generally speaking, chamomile is your top option against stress of any kind.

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When a gout attack occurs, you may already be familiar with the feeling – pain, stress and discomfort. Too much stress will naturally produce cortisol. On the same note, too much cortisol will affect the recovery rate of your body, so you need to chill down. This is when chamomile kicks in.

At the same time, chamomile will also prevent exquisite inflammation. Let me make it clear upfront – chamomile is more efficient when dealing with a gout attack. It is natural and a great alternative to classic painkillers. It will reduce the intensity of your attacks, but not their frequency.

chamomile tea

How to take chamomile for gout

You can find chamomile in more forms and each of them will be just as efficient. You can find extracts (most commonly liquid), capsules, topical ointments, tinctures and teas. Which one is the best? Choose whatever suits you. If you cannot swallow large capsules or tablets, stick to the tea.

Personally, I try to have at least two or three cups of tea a day. I have one in the morning, then I get the tea in my portable bottle and take it to the gym or work, only to have a sip every now and then. We have to hydrate anyway, so we might as well do it with something that helps against gout.

I guess tea is the optimal way to battle gout. Moreover, you can also use it as a topical treatment. Get a bag of chamomile tea, throw it in hot water for a couple of seconds for the dried particles to open up, then place it over the affected joint.

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Chamomile is rich in flavonoids and terpenoids. They work pretty much like NSAIDs drugs, so they have the same effects over your cells. This is why applying a warm compress on the affected joint is likely to have a faster result than having a cup of tea. Simply put, drink the tea for prevention and maintenance and use warm compresses to overcome gout attacks.

Precautions and side effects

Chamomile might interact with some other herbs or medications, but it is less likely to happen. It is not always recommended to pregnant women or asthma sufferers though. Other than that, it is perfectly safe. Like I said, I have around three cups throughout the day – not within 20 minutes.

As a short final conclusion, there is definitely a connection between gout and chamomile, but just like I said before, you need to give such a treatment time. Do not stick to one approach only, but discover other foods, herbs and plants that can reduce the uric acid in your blood and make them part of your diet.

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It took me over a month to reduce the frequency of my gout attacks with chamomile, but I must say it is much faster when it comes to alleviating pain right away. It is probably the best remedy I have tried to reduce the discomfort during an attack – only if applied topically.​

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