Bromelain and Gout – Taking Bromelain for Treating Gout

Bromelain and Gout

Here is the main thing. Bromelain is a word that is commonly linked to gout, but so many people don’t know what it is actually. I will give you the answer. Yes, the bromelain and gout do have a link and it is a massive one. Here I will try to explain it and also what the bromelain actually is.

Bromelain: Basics

Bromelain is commonly inked with pineapple due to the fact it is an ingredient that is present in this fruit. We all know what a pineapple is, so I won’t explain it. The ingredient in question is an enzyme or more precisely a mixture of enzymes. It is more than just healthy to consume and it is definitely worthy of your attention. There are a lot of benefits regarding this ingredient.

Keep in mind that it will be the best to consume a pineapple fresh. When cooked or prepared, the amount of bromelain will be significantly decreased, so you won’t be able to get important benefits which I will mention here as well.

Bromelain was discovered back in 1957 and the man responsible is Ralph Heinicke (wiki).  He noticed that the ingredient affects the blood and make it thinner. It is also useful to know that bromelain is a great alternative for improving the blood flow and decreasing the pain and swelling. As such, we can see that it has anti-inflammatory properties. Bromelain is commonly used in hospitals during surgeries and for treating bruises and swellings. But, it can be used for treating gout as well.

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Bromelain and gout

There are a lot of evidence that bromelain affects gout and can decrease the effectiveness of it. Keep in mind that I will refer to the pineapple stems. They contain much higher amounts of bromelain than the actual fruit. As a matter of fact, the fruit won’t provide a sufficient amount of bromelain to get the relief. Bromelain affects the uric acid directly and it will decompose it. By doing this, it will literally reduce the severity of a gout attack and make you relieve pain. Of course, it should be taken regularly in order for you to get this benefit and there are no side effects. In addition, when consumed daily, it can prevent frequent gout attacks.

There are two studies that prove my claim. The first was conducted in 2001 and it was published in Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology. It proved that bromelain decreases the odds of a gout attack and it has additional properties. The second study was conducted in 2002 and the findings were the same. As such, bromelain actually helps us, gout sufferers.

The third, the oldest study was conducted in Germany back in 1995. There, 59 people were monitored while taking bromelain for 3 weeks. They discovered that the swelling was significantly decreased and pain as well. Of course, all of them had injured joints or torn ligaments.

Bromelain is used as a treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome and other conditions which involve joints and swelling. It is effective simply because it will remove the fluids that surround the affected joint.

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Bromelain dosage

If you are planning to treat gout with bromelain, here is what you must know. During a gout attack, you will have to consume 500 mg of capsules every 3 hours. Make sure they are consumed between meals or on an empty stomach. If you are looking for a preventive method, you will have to take bromelain 2 times a day, also between meals and on an empty stomach. This is the main and probably the only rule you will have to follow. In addition, make sure to combine bromelain with quercentin in order to maximize the result. Quercentin will decrease the level of uric acid and make the repeated gout attack less common.

Bromelain is available in powder capsules and tablets. I recommend you to take capsules. They are the best and the safest alternative to them all.


In order to understand how much bromelain is important, keep in mind that it is the main ingredient in many supplements available on the internet which are used for treating gout! It is probably one of the best and the most important, natural remedies which can be used to treat gout and it will make a huge difference after all. Also, try to remember that it must be taken in moderation and in dosages I have mentioned above. Never take too much of it. Too high dosage can cause nausea and vomiting. If you skip a dosage, try to get back to the correct route as soon as possible.

The last thing to add is that some people are allergic to pineapple. If you are one of them, make sure not to use bromelain. After all, it comes directly from this fruit, so you will want to avoid it.


Bromelain and gout have the most impressive bond together. This ingredient will help you suppress gout and prevent a gout attack. There are no other side effects and all you can get are numerous health benefits. All you have to know is that it must be avoided if you are allergic to pineapple. In every other case, you are free to use it in capsule form or any other that suits you the best. I want to tell you that if you have more questions, leave a comment and I will reply within hours.

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